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Hot spring tips

Hot spring tips

Before taking a thermal bath, it is essential to have a chat with the medical staff in the venue in order to be informed about the advantages and disadvantages of the use of these healing waters. We should control our blood pressure and mention whether we are under medication. A quick routine check-up is also advisable.

. Immersion baths are progressive. They should not last more than 15 minutes.

. The water temperature must never surpass 40 ºC. Have your blood pressure controlled before each bath.

. Move slowly under the water. You should never swim in hot spring waters.

. After each bath, have a rest on a warm bed or cover yourself up with a bathrobe and towels.

. Do not be exposed to cold temperatures after your bath. Remember we all have a thermoregulation system and our body takes time to become adapted to thermal-physiological changes.

. In order to obtain the highest benefits from hot spring baths, combine activity with a quiet life, go for a walk every day, eat healthy food and drink plenty of water.

. Baths are advised in the morning and in the afternoon, 4 hours after lunch.

. Bathing healing therapies should be progressive. Do not start with very hot baths. Slow healing has long-lasting effects. It lets the body to become adapted to biological changes.

. Try not to swallow hot spring waters unless indicated by a specialist.

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Inca’s Bridge

The Inca’s Bridge Legend

The great Inca chief had a son who had been affected by some kind of paralysis. After trying all kinds of treatments and not obtaining any positive results, he heard that in the lands South of the empire there was a site where some healing waters could put an end to his misery. As he got there, accompanied by his best warriors, he observed that the waters were there but a fast-flowing river kept him from reaching them. His warriors made a human chain to help their chief fulfill his dream and so father and son crossed the river walking on the warriors’ backs to reach the miraculous waters. But when they looked back to thank the warriors, they had been turned into rock and given shape to the famous Inca’s Bridge located in the Province of Mendoza.

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