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HOT SPRINGS and SPA in Argentina

Hot spring List

North Corridor

Inti Punku
Termas de Río Hondo, Santiago del Estero
Felipe Ibarra s/n  
Hot springs
Termas Caimancito - Aguas Calientes
San Salvador de Jujuy, Jujuy
A 150 km. de S.S de Jujuy  Tel: (0388) 421-0804   e-mail
Accommodation , hot springs

Littoral Corridor

Termas y Spa de Maria Grande

Termas y Spa de Maria Grande

Paraná, Entre Ríos
3133 María Grande  


Complejo Termal Concordia
Concordia, Entre Ríos
Av. Mons. Rösch y Acc. Salto Grande  Tel: (0345) 425-1963   e-mail
Accommodation, hot springs
Complejo Termal de Gualeguaychú
Gualeguaychú, Entre Ríos
R. P. Nº 42 - Pueblo Belgrano   e-mail
Hot springs, spa ,coffee-shop, restaurant
Complejo Termas de La Paz
La Paz, Entre Ríos
Int. Lamboglia esq. Perón - Bº Termal  Tel: (03437) 42-4646   e-mail
Accommodation, spa , hot springs , restaurant
Costa Dorada
La Paz, Entre Ríos
Predio Termal  Tel: (03437) 42-5160/ 4/ 5/ 6   e-mail
Accommodation, spa , hot springs , restaurant
Gualeguaychú, Entre Ríos
Autovía Ruta 14 - Km 63   e-mail
Hot springs, spa, coffee-shop, restaurant
Parque Termal Chajarí
Chajarí, Entre Ríos
Ruta Nac. Nº 14, Km. 329 y Padre Gallay  Tel: (03456) 42-7202   e-mail
Hot springs
Perilago de Salto Grande
Salto Grande
Ruta 14 Km 8  Tel: (0345) 423-0166   e-mail
Hot springs
Termas Concepción
Concepción del Uruguay, Entre Ríos
Ruta 14 Km 129  Tel: (03442) 43-1100   e-mail
Accommodation, hot springs
Termas Victoria del Agua
Ruta 11 - km 119, 5  Tel: (0345) 42-6205   e-mail
Thermal water park

Buenos Aires Corridor

Carhue Hotel & Spa Termal
Carhué, Buenos Aires
Dorrego 520  Tel: (02936) 43-2887   e-mail
Accommodation , spa , hot springs , restaurant
Termas del Salado
General Belgrano, Buenos Aires
Av. Sarmiento 1001 - General Belgrano  Cel: (02243) 15-406413   e-mail

Atlantic Beaches Corridor

Termas Marinas
San Clemente del Tuyú, Buenos Aires
Faro San Antonio  Tel: (02252) 42-3000 / (011)4325-2900   e-mail
Hot springs, spa, coffee-shop, restaurant

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Inca’s Bridge

The Inca’s Bridge Legend

The great Inca chief had a son who had been affected by some kind of paralysis. After trying all kinds of treatments and not obtaining any positive results, he heard that in the lands South of the empire there was a site where some healing waters could put an end to his misery. As he got there, accompanied by his best warriors, he observed that the waters were there but a fast-flowing river kept him from reaching them. His warriors made a human chain to help their chief fulfill his dream and so father and son crossed the river walking on the warriors’ backs to reach the miraculous waters. But when they looked back to thank the warriors, they had been turned into rock and given shape to the famous Inca’s Bridge located in the Province of Mendoza.

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