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HOT SPRINGS and SPA in Argentina

Water Properties

Water Properties

In addition to being used for the treatment of multiple pathological processes and to prevent diverse afflictions, the hot spring waters feature the following general characteristics:

* They have revitalizing effects on cells and tissue.

* They generate analgesic and antispasmodic results.

* They cleanse the blood.

* They reactivate metabolism.

* Their high PH is beneficial to treat skin diseases.

* They may be used to relieve pain and muscular hypertonia.

* Baths between 30 and 34° C improve blood circulation.

* Baths between 35 and 37° C are sedative.

* Iron and manganese contribute to improving skin recovery processes from diseases such as psoriasis.

* The presence of sulfates is beneficial to fight chronic respiratory disorders, such as asthma.

Due to all these features, thermal tourism is gaining more and more enthusiasts among the younger generations, who now see the hot springs as a place to relax and step aside from routine. Whether saline or fresh, hot spring waters let visitors make time to find themselves and look inside. That is the best way to be healed.

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Consejos para sentirse bien

Tips to Feel Good

Get up early. Have a light breakfast. Take a shower before getting immersed in the hot springs. Take an immersion thermal bath for no longer than 20 minutes. Have a rest after the bath wrapped up in a bathrobe. Do not dry your skin by rubbing the towel against it. Walk or read for half an hour. Have a light lunch. Have a nap. Take a shower before getting into the hot spring waters. Take a new 20-minute immersion bath. Have a rest after the bath while wrapped up in a bathrobe in order to keep the body temperature. Have a light dinner. Go to bed early.

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