Ku de los Andes, Steak House and Restaurant

It is a pleasure to have a meal at a cozy space with mountain architecture while being assisted by people who have been devoted to understanding different palates for thirty years.
Once again, we choose Ku de los Andes Steak House and Restaurant on the main artery of San Martín to enjoy a meal with the family during our stay at this location.

Featuring a pleasant atmosphere, this small-sized, almost intimate, with raulí and lenga ceilings, walls and floors treasures memories from the days when the city was still a village. After being greeted by the staff, we made ourselves comfortable at a large round table, where we felt at ease, ready to enjoy a nice chat.

We stopped for a few minutes to have a close look at the extensive menu and choose our favorite dishes. We took advantage of the excellent disposition of the man in charge of the venue -Francisco Aguirre- and asked him for his recommendation. And so he did. As we would have to wait for the grilled meat for a few minutes, he advised us to taste a very special cold cut: bresaola de bubalino. This is a typical dish from Valtellina, in northern Italy. It is prepared in the cattle area of the Province of Entre Rios following the original recipe. It was accompanied by green salad, Parmesan cheese flakes and olive oil. Also, we shared some freshly baked rolls smeared with flavored cheese and butter. Exquisite!
  • Bresaola de bubalino

    Bresaola de bubalino

  • Pleasant atmosphere, small-sized, almost intimate

    Pleasant atmosphere, small-sized, almost intimate

  • Extensive menu to choose

    Extensive menu to choose

  • Av. San Martín 1053

    Av. San Martín 1053

We ordered varied specialties. Fans of grilled meat chose bifes de chorizo, venison and bondiola. Others preferred lamb or beef with a more elaborate sauce or garnish. Francisco told us about the trend to add buffalo meat to Argentinian menus. "It comes from cattle raised in the area of Ibicuy, in the Paraná Delta. A strict breeding and feeding protocol is followed. The excellent pastures in the zone cause the meat to be lean and soft. Challenging palates choose it for its low-fat content and low intramuscular cholesterol, as well as for its natural attributes.”

We were very excited about our buffalo steak servings and chose to enjoy the three-pepper and mustard versions. We waited patiently safe in the knowledge that good grilled meat takes time.

We took advantage of the wait to have a look at the menu and noticed that both the chef and the grill cook have a significant role. Various versions of trout, pasta, mushrooms and lamb come out of pots and pans to delight customers. When the weather is cold, goulash and tasty stew are the most popular choices and a habit that is gaining more and more followers. The restaurant offers a wide array of dishes for people with celiac disease.

We found buffalo meat exquisite and not much different from regular cuts at first sight. Garnishes boasted a delicate flavor. Once the meat is grilled to the right point, sauces and garnishes are added at the kitchen.

The polite assistance provided by the waiters and the staff was part of a well-served meal. Always caring for the needs at every table, they did not spare any effort to give information about routes and roads and directions about town.

Some old photos of San Martín de los Andes ornament the walls. Wooden barrels and shelves holding excellent wine labels give evidence of the cellar organized by the restaurant's sommeliers and wine experts.

One family is in charge of this restaurant famous among tourists and residents alike. We noticed that many celebrities from different spheres have signed its visitors' book and written down their appreciation for the nice assistance and the delicious food served at Ku de los Andes.
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Ku de los Andes
Av. San Martín 1053, (8370) , San Martín de los Andes, Neuquén
Tel: +54 2972-427039

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