Sailing across Lake Lácar towards Hua Hum

The watercrafts that cover the tour to Quila Quina and Hua Hum everyday rest at the city pier. In the winter, in the summer. Always…
This tour has already become a classic of San Martín de los Andes.
Everyday, the outing to Hua Hum, one of the most beautiful sites in Lanín National Park sets out from the local pier (which we will refer to as Port Lácar from now on).

The sign reading the departure time explained we had to be punctual. The watercraft left Port Lácar at 12.30 pm and returned at approximately 8 pm.

“Today we are going to see all the nooks in Lake Lácar and Lake Nonthué” said the guide, “surrounded by the most dazzling scenes in the area, which we will behold from the water” he concluded.

We knew well that we would land at different points during the tour and that we would visit Santa Teresita Island at the end of the outing.
  • Navegar el Lácar hasta Hua Hum

    Navegar el Lácar hasta Hua Hum

  • Navegar el Lácar hasta Hua Hum

    Navegar el Lácar hasta Hua Hum

  • Navegar el Lácar hasta Hua Hum

    Navegar el Lácar hasta Hua Hum

  • Navegar el Lácar hasta Hua Hum

    Navegar el Lácar hasta Hua Hum

  • Navegar el Lácar hasta Hua Hum

    Navegar el Lácar hasta Hua Hum

Towards Hua Hum, at the End of Lake Lácar

The navigation to Hua Hum is a guided tour that crosses Lakes Lácar and Nonthué, and reaches the mouth of the Hua Hum River, a unique location for fly-fishing, river rafting or just relishing the beauty of one of the most crystal-clear rivers close to San Martín de los Andes.

The total distance to cover to Hua Hum is twenty-eight kilometers. Several stops allow passengers to leave the boat and go for a walk, have lunch, buy local products or just enjoy the mountain range scene made up by woods, lakes and rivers.

One of the first stops was on Quila Quina Beach, where an eye-catching pier where the watercraft was moored along with other sailing boats and motorboats awaited. In the summer, this site is chosen by residents of San Martín de los Andes to spend a day on the beach and have a meal at its small restaurant.

Port Chachín was the next stop, already on Lake Nonthué. To reach this place, the watercraft must cross a narrowness where Lake Lácar becomes Lake Nonthué. This is a must visit, as each of these lakes features a particular shade (very similar between them) whose difference is evident at the point where these two water bodies converge.

Very close to this location lies Port Chachín, whose great attraction is a 30-meter high waterfall that crosses the rainforest and is known as “The Cascade on the Chachín River”. It is accessible through a 30-minute walk of medium difficulty.

Farther ahead we found Hua Hum. The river that crosses the border into Chile starts there. A rafting float trip (typical excursion at San Martín de los Andes) leads adventurers to the border milestone, lying just 4 kilometers ahead. Curiously enough, this is the lowest pass on the Andes. Its height is just 640 meters above sea level.

In Search of Santa Teresita Island

Back on track towards San Martín de los Andes after a memorable day, the guide said: “the best is yet to come”. The last stop was on Santa Teresita Island, on the waters of Lake Lácar. A small chapel houses the image of Saint Therese of the Child Jesus, after which this island has been named.

Disembarking, the photos and the thought that we might never return to this beautiful place helped build an unforgettable memory. We exchanged our phone numbers and promised to meet again and keep enjoying the beauties of San Martín de los Andes.

From a distance we caught a glimpse of the city lights as the watercraft headed for the pier of San Martín de los Andes. We were aware that the tour was about to finish. Some passengers took advantage of the last sunbeams to take pictures. Others contemplated the approaching maneuvers in silence. We let ourselves be carried away by the sunset, which highlighted the mountain silhouettes. Undoubtedly, we were in Paradise.
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Useful Data

Bear in mind: This tour is subject to favorable weather conditions and a minimum number of passengers. Access to Lanín National Park is not included in the rate and children under 5 years old are not charged.

Another excursion available at Naviera Lácar & Nonthue is the shuttle to Quila Quina. This small tourist destination is visited at all seasons due to its proximity to San Martín de los Andes and its scenic beauty. Formed in the 1940s by a resolution passed by National Parks Administration, this residential village co-exists in perfect harmony with the Mapuche Curruhuinca Community that has occupied these lands for centuries.


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