White Water Rafting

The volume of mountain rivers changes throughout the summer. What is not modified is the adventurous spirit of rafting enthusiasts along vertiginous rivers.
San Martín de los Andes is well-known for its water sports in rivers and lakes. Many tourists who reach this district are interested in rafting, which is available in foamy rough local rivers.

In the outskirts of the city, the Chimehuin, Aluminé and Hua Hum Rivers are the scenes where adventurers experience this exploit. Both families and groups of friends can spend the most exciting time. Rivers are classified according to the number of rapids they have, the turbulence of their waters and the navigation pace.

This sport is practiced in the summer, when the conditions of the current are changing. After the meltdown, when the winter ends, the rivers have a more considerable volume. At the end of the summer season, they are calmer and offer less action inviting adventurers to be carried away at a slower pace. It is at this moment when they can also enjoy diving in the pools.

Several rafts set out together. Thus, competitions among different teams are proposed. It is not necessary to get there first but they do need to sort out all the obstacles with accuracy and in harmony. Success is cheered up by crossing paddles.
  • Chimehuin River

    Chimehuin River

  • Hua Hum River

    Hua Hum River

  • Entertainment for all

    Entertainment for all

  • Aluminé River

    Aluminé River

  • Combines sport with fun

    Combines sport with fun

  • The adventurous spirit of the adept at rafting

    The adventurous spirit of the adept at rafting

  • Sparkling and unruly rivers

    Sparkling and unruly rivers

The Chimehuin and Aluminé Rivers unfold across the steppe. The Hua Hum, instead, crosses the Valdivian rainforest into Chile. The surrounding conditions are different and the local roads leading to these environments are part of the tour.

The Chimehuin is the closest one. We got to the source of the river on a van. This a most significant spot for fly-casters. Before getting on our rafts, we could catch a broad and incredible glimpse of Lanín Volcano and Lake Huechulafquen. In order to respect the fishing environment, the exploit began 800 meters downstream.

We had to travel many kilometers along the road to access the Aluminé River zone where the rafts set out. This is the roughest river, the one featuring the largest number of rapids and the one where we had to paddle with all our strength.

The Hua Hum River runs between high walls covered with vegetation. It is completely different from the other two rivers. This is a humid environment, with falls and greenish hues. It flows into neighboring Chile. Even though we had to carry out all the necessary proceedings at the border, it was quite simple to do it.

Tourist operators offer these safe rafting tours with all the necessary equipment and shuttles. They provide a neoprene jacket, a helmet, a life-vest and nothing is left to chance.

It is usual to make a stop and moor the rafts at some nice spot to have a snack or dive in the pools. At this moment, travelers relax, chat and learn about the surroundings when the arising questions are replied.

Whether on half-day or full-day outings, rafting has many enthusiasts and it guarantees amusement for everyone during the summer in San Martín de los Andes.
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Useful Data

Bear in mind: It is advisable to wear a swim suit and waterproof footwear (avoid sandals). Also, pack a dry set of clothes to wear after the activity.
Sunglasses and prescribed glasses should be attached to the body to avoid losing them.
Sunscreen is mandatory.


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