Traditional Horse breaking and Folklore Encounter

A rural festival in which the skill of traditional rural task workers are on display is held successfully year after year.

Three days are devoted to rural skills and folklore music a few kilometers away from the downtown, within a land plot framed by the hills of a large green valley.

After an inauguration parade, the games start at this rodeo field. The paisanos enroll for the various tests show off their knowledge of rough and heavy daily rural tasks. Wearing their best outfits, they give evidence of their aptitude to deal with cattle and horses.

And then, a show of roping, bull riding, and bareback riding follow. The rodeo with stirrups is the most important event. On the arena, capataz and apadrinadores coordinate the camp tempers coming from various spots to show their skills on an untamed horse. A payador improvises his song accompanying the braveness of the riders.

Activities do not stop on the stage. The host gives details of each competition and incites everyone to applaud when the task is successfully completed. In turn, musicians and dancers have their own space to show off their folklore art. Singers and bands playing chamamé on the guitar and accordion cheer up the event and get the audience ready for the fantastic popular dancing in the evening.

  • A rustic rural party

    A rustic rural party

  • Traditions are in place

    Traditions are in place

  • The outdoor dining

    The outdoor dining

  • Children dressed elegant

    Children dressed elegant

  • Icon rural life

    Icon rural life

  • Sale posts

    Sale posts

  • Ability with animals

    Ability with animals

The canteen does not rest either. The fire is always lit and visitors may order chorizo, asado con cuero or just empanadas. Drinks and desserts complete the offer.

In addition to its well-known tourist features, San Martín de los Andes contributes this Horse breaking and Folklore Encounter that shows traditions are still in force. The attendants add up glow to this traditional festival with their rural outfits.

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