El Trapiche

Away from urban centers and among its little alleys, this site unveils its magical closeness to nature and the history of a town from the late XVIII century.

40 km Northeast of the city of San Luis, among the last foothills of the mountain range, lies a picturesque valley that surrounds the Trapìche River, where the community of the same name is settled.

This summer tourist village, known as El Trapiche, is located 1,050 meters over sea level, among fertile lands with extensive crops across the neighboring hills.

To reach this area from the provincial capital, you must go along Provincial Motorway 20 to the district of El Volcán, and from there take Provincial Motorway 9 till you reach your destination.

The story goes that in the days of the colony, there was in this area the first mill or trapiche, which was used to pulverize the gold-bearing mineral extracted from the La Carolina mine, located a few kilometers from this place. The name of the district derives from the use of this ancient mining tool.

Framed by Mounts Trapiche, Virorco and the Sierras Grandes de San Luis, which reach 2,150 meters over sea level, it offers cozy hostelries, cabins, camping sites, restaurants and coffee-shops, which can make your stay much comforting.

  • This crystal-clear stream

    This crystal-clear stream

  • 40 km Northeast

    40 km Northeast

  • Drinking and medicinal properties

    Drinking and medicinal properties

  • Full of history and natural charm

    Full of history and natural charm

  • A picturesque valley that surrounds the Trapìche River

    A picturesque valley that surrounds the Trapìche River

In the outskirts of El Trapiche, the topography is suitable for the practice of various recreational activities in full contact with nature. Ecotourism, adventure travel, archeological tourism, fishing, hiking, horse-riding, or just enjoying a relaxing day as you behold the landscape, crowded with trees that embelish the whimsical laberynths of the Trapiche brook.

This crystal-clear stream, which waters have drinking and medicinal properties, slides over a subtle slope that crosses prairies and hills plenty of poplar groves, alfalfa areas and all kinds of plantations that form this valley.

During the visit around this charming spot, you cannot miss the catholic church of Nuestra Señora de la Sierra (Our Lady of the Mountain Range), the monument built in tribute to the first trapiche, the miners' ride and the mortars of El Trapiche, living tracks of the upheaving past of the ancient aborigine culture of the San Luis mountain range.

If you visit El Trapiche during February, you may enjoy the Fiesta Provincial de los Ríos (Provincial River Festival), main tourist attraction of the town. During this month, there are cultural and sport activities. In the evenings, a festival is held in which local and provincial artists dance and sing. On the last evening, the election and coronation of the Provincial Queen of Rivers is done.

That is El Trapiche, full of history and natural charm, an excellent choice for your vacations. Provided with complete infrastructre, capable of meeting the needs of the most demanding tourists.

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How to get hereHow to get here: To get to El Trapiche from San Luis city, you must go along Provincial Motorway 20 to the district of El Volcán, and from there take Provincial Motorway 9 till you reach your destination.

Bear in mindBear in mind: If you are interested in practicing as many activities as you can in this tourist village, we recommend that you stay for at least three days.


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