The Riverside in Rosario, both day and night

On the northern riverside in Rosario, the landscape and the beaches suddenly turn this crowded and active urban settlement into a different city, where the sunshine and the river become the protagonists.

In the heart of the neighborhoods of Alberti and La Florida, chalets and gardens rest on the cliffs overlooking the wide Paraná River and its shore of fair sands. At that spot, at the northern riverside promenade, the hectic city takes off its tie and jacket and strolls along the beach on its bathing suit.

“La Flora” and the Promenade

Following a steep street lined by trees, we went down to “La Flora”, like the denizens of Rosario call this teeming beach. Families gathered around the parasols, volleyball tournaments, and bars on the shore, nautical sports and bikinis that catch the eye. Had it not been for the calm river and the islands on the background, it would have seemed we were in Pinamar or Mar del Plata.

We toured around Catalunya Promenade, the favorite among walkers and cyclists who enjoy the impressive view of the river and the handicrafts market that is settled there at the weekends. In the shade of one of the many bars, we tasted some classical beer “liso”, typical from Santa Fe as the sailing boats resembled white spots on the Paraná River horizon.

  • On the northern riverside in Rosario

    On the northern riverside in Rosario

  • The sunshine and the river become the protagonists

    The sunshine and the river become the protagonists

  • Impressive view of the river

    Impressive view of the river

  • The favorite among walkers and cyclists

    The favorite among walkers and cyclists

Towards the north of the bathing resorts, high on the cliffs overlooking the river, Paseo del Caminante (The Walker’s Promenade) is an ideal site to visit at sunset. It features a magnificent view of the Rosario-Victoria Bridge and the downtown area. We got past Costa Alta Quay, a T-shaped pier from where the motorboats leave towards the islands.

The Riverfront at Night

We returned to the promenade after the sun set behind the horizon. Completely lit up, the interprovincial bridge image was reflected on the waters. With such a background, the bars and the discos came to life.

Nightlife is quite busy and chosen by the young, who remain in the area after spending the day on the beach or go home to take a shower and come back to the same spot ready to go dancing. There is a wide range of pubs, restaurants, discos, cultural shows and live music performances.

After touring along the shady streets, the delightful uneven beach and the promenade, watching sunset on the cliffs over the river, visiting the pubs and witnessing the joy of the night in Rosario, we left town with the feeling that fun and rest never stop at the riverfront.

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