Rosario’s Delicacies

Here we present our four selected tables in the city. Whether regional or ecumenical, whether strongly Argentinian or European, all of them, proudly from Rosario.

Muelle 1

Marcelo Santana’s restaurant qualified, from the very beginning, to be included in the top list. A totally white pleasant decoration surprises the visitor. Sculptures by Julio Pérez Sáenz, under the magnificent lighting by Piedra Buena, who does lighting jobs for the singer Fito Páez, provide an open, very clear space “for people to show off” –as Santana asserted, once he welcomed us.

With a bountiful menu, it does not avoid either American or Mediterranean canons. Cristian Denis, chef at Muelle 1 and devoted to well applied techniques, prepares delicious and perfect dishes, characterized by being elaborated with ingredients of the best quality.

If you choose to taste Rosario’s gastronomy, try some mollejas accompanied by a reduced sauce of balsamic wine vinegar, fresh mushrooms and crisp Parmesan cheese. If your taste leads you to sea fruits, do not hesitate to order puff pastry stuffed with shrimp and prawn paste or a mousse of pink salmon and sole, accompanied by a green-leave bouquet.

  • Excellent level

    Excellent level

  • Exquisite desserts

    Exquisite desserts

  • Irresistible desire to sit

    Irresistible desire to sit

  • A delicious dish

    A delicious dish

  • Gastronomic distinction

    Gastronomic distinction

The service is relaxed, granting the visitor a fresh and limpid atmosphere. If you sit by the Muelle 1 large picture windows, you will watch the lively harbor activity typical of this city.
As it has excellent cuisine, in this opportunity we have the duty to recommend three dishes you cannot miss: grilled surubí marinated in garlic and dry pine mushrooms, accompanied with butter and fresh herbs, and country potatoes in pepper on the side, tenderloin in very Mediterranean mushroom sauce or pork sirloin steak in a sauce made with brown sugar, prune and currants.
A very good and varied wine menu accompanies every choice.
At Muelle 1, you will experience multiple and diverse sensations in your palate. If after your meal you wish to use a toothpick, do not ask the waiter for them. You can find them at the toilette.

Te amaré Vicenta

If you choose to eat delicious grilled meat, Te amaré Vicenta is a fine steak restaurant where customers may taste rural dishes in a matchless environment. Furthermore, this is an ideal space for those who believe that cuisine and excellent wine are two of the most important signs in Argentinian culture.

Upon entering the venue, the giant murals on the walls catch the attention of visitors. These paintings tell the story of gaucho Juan Moreira and the love he felt for his wife and child. Under this premise, the authentic gastronomic tradition of this country is experienced here.
All those who visit this restaurant will receive customized polite and prompt assistance.
When you order, do not hesitate to have a cold Vicenta board as a starter. You will be delighted with homemade meat roll, raw and cooked ham, bondiola, smoked meat, cantimpalo, cheese, hearts of palm, olives and fresh pickled vegetables.
First selection lamb and ribs will be already in the grill.

After this first snack, we recommend that you taste a serving of asado ancho, Patagonian lamb or goat accompanied by Vicenta salad, with carrots, cherry tomatoes, corn, eggs, Roquefort cheese, hearts of palm and asparagus. Real pleasure for the palate.
Wines should be considered independently. An impressive wine list –both in quantity and quality- awaits the arrival of connoisseurs in order to be appreciated.
Te amaré Vicenta is an invitation to feeling the Argentinian essence, experiencing the greatness of getting to know this land based upon its cuisine. Come and visit this cozy restaurant.

Matungo Restaurant

If you pass by Salta and Paraguay, do not hesitate to ring the bell. Maica and Carlos Corbalán are ready to entertain you in a warm and intimate atmosphere.
The ancient large house located in the chamfer of the corner mentioned above is set in slash pine wood, horse pictures and accessories.
Do not let yourself be taken in by its name; no criollo dishes are served here. The specialty in this restaurant centers round the purity of the authentic flavors of the Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine.

The owners of this place have given it their personal stamp, derived from their own experiences during more than 25 years in Spain. If you like stories from that legendary country, do not hesitate to pick up your ear: Maica’s particular accent will surely amuse you with some of her thrilling stories.
As a starter, we recommend to attack the Spanish tapas, chicken croquettes, Spanish sausages and mushrooms sautéed in garlic.
When it is time for the main course, you can taste octopus Galician style, red bream Basque style, hake in green sauce, tripe Madrid style, or Asturian bean stew.

When it comes to dessert, we recommend the delicious rice pudding, carefully prepared by the lady of the house. Other not less attractive alternatives are the Spanish custard or the original cinnamon ice-cream with tasty bananas flambée au rhum.
The Matungo cellar is not large as it is varied. It can please the most demanding palates.

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