Unforgettable Valdés Cove

Inside the Península Valdés Natural Reserve, the Valdés Cove features the most varied sea fauna.

Valdés Cove lies 233 kilometers from the City of Rawson and 77 kilometers from Puerto Pirámides, in the Province of Chubut. The particular surroundings provided by the whimsical local geography turns this place into one of the most important sea biodiversity centers on the Atlantic coast.

This cove is sheltered by a 30-kilometer-long narrow strip of land made up by dirt, sand and grave that runs from north to south. It is connected to the ocean by a thin mouth through which the sea water brought in by the tides flows freely.

There are two groups of islands featuring varied geomorphological traits inside the cove. Isla Santamaría (Saint Mary's Island), Isla Pescador (Fisherman's Island) and Isla Revolver (Gun Island) stand out due to their size. Besides, these islands are some of the few places in Patagonia where sheep cattle was never introduced. Therefore, these lands preserve their natural features as they have not been used for grazing.

  • The greatest diversity of sea mammals

    The greatest diversity of sea mammals

  • Sea lions

    Sea lions

  • Protected area

    Protected area

  • Various viewpoints

    Various viewpoints

The environmental characteristics of Valdés Cove turn it into an ideal habitat for the development of various species. A wide range of sea and coast birds co-exist there with sea mammals and typical specimens of the Patagonian high plateau.

Due to the fact that its beach is sheltered from the sea and the winds, this place is chosen by elephant seals who come along early in August. The male specimens are the first to arrive in search for the best area of the beach and then wait for the females.

On the other hand, the great diversity of wildlife transforms Valdés Cove into a private game preserve for killer whales, who come along to the beach to feed, thus giving tourists one of the most fascinating natural performances in the world.

Several viewpoints have been built on the cliff to make observation of this show easier for visitors. Elephant seals, sea lions, guanacos and Patagonian hares share the scene with the Magellanic penguin, which lives in the caves of this area.

A visit to this site will remain forever in the memory of travelers.

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