The Fishermen Brotherhood

The smell of the sea, the excellent taverns and the unmistakable yellow hue of the fishing boats paint the live scene of the traditional port of Rawson.
The port of Rawson lies just 6 kilometers away from the city, next to the mouth of the Chubut River in the Atlantic Ocean. The classic yellow fishing boats moor at its pier, located on the northern bank of the river. Members of the so-called 'yellow fleet', these boats go out to sea to catch Patagonian toothfish, shrimp and Patagonian prawn.

On the other hand, a colony of sea lions lives at the port. They escort the boats on their voyages as they wait for some snack to fall into the water. When they are not chasing a boat, the sea lions sunbathe and pose for the photographs taken by tourists ornamenting the well-known postcards of the port.

It is also possible to see anglers trying their luck at the jetty or Magagna Beach in search for some sea bass or the so coveted grouper, highly appreciated for its flesh.
  • The live scene of the traditional port of Rawson

    The live scene of the traditional port of Rawson

  • Owners of the Atlantic

    Owners of the Atlantic

  • Downloading the fruits of the sea

    Downloading the fruits of the sea

  • Anglers trying their luck at the jetty

    Anglers trying their luck at the jetty

  • The Fishermen Brotherhood

    The Fishermen Brotherhood

However, one of the most significant attractions in the port of Rawson is the chance to taste the seafood casseroles or paellas served at the traditional taverns located in this area. Cantina Marcelino, founded in 1971 and still owned by the same family, stands out among the port restaurants and offers visitors delicacies and painstaking assistance. If tourists resolve to visit it, they should definitely order the seafood tray.

In the summer, the port of Rawson is the seat of the Southern Anglers National Festival, a traditional celebration that appeals to thousands of tourists, as well as local residents. Various sports and cultural activities are part of this festival, including the election of the Queen of Anglers, in which dazzling young ladies from the city display their charm.

Likewise, during the celebration, the nautical procession carrying Virgin Stella Maris, patron saint of the sea and fishing boats, is accompanied by the yellow fishing boats that throw flowers to the water to pay tribute to those lost at sea.

Matías Castro Sahilices / Eduardo Epifanio


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