What to Visit at Puerto Santa Cruz

History, culture and now tourism are part of Puerto Santa Cruz, a city on the Atlantic coast that has everything to guarantee happiness.

When It Comes to History and Culture

Whoever wishes to travel back in time will find in this city various tracks and imprints to find themselves face to face with the first nations, with what the conquest and sea trade left. All this has marked (and still does) this small but important place in the world.

The must visits are:

the mausoleum where the remains of Captain Carlos María Moyano, who was the first governor of the then territory of Santa Cruz, rest in peace.

the monolith in memory of the reaffirmation of Argentinian sovereignty in Patagonia carried out by Commodore Luis Ply
  • Provincial Historical Capital

    Provincial Historical Capital

  • History and Culture

    History and Culture

  • A city on the Atlantic coast

    A city on the Atlantic coast

  • Nature and Adventure

    Nature and Adventure

The great cross and the monument to the Centennial, located in front of the Santa Cruz Ria, and the tribute to different national heroes and pioneers of the region, who were part of the settlement in these inhospitable lands, such as Commander Luis Piedrabuena's Monument.

The first concrete building in the city, which corresponds to the church Exaltación de la Santa Cruz (Feast of the Cross), which still remains intact.

Carlos Borgialli Regional Museum, where visitors can appreciate the natural area and wildlife of the region, apart from those exhibitions devoted to history, archeology and paleontology.

When It Comes to Nature and Adventure

Besides being a shelter for the city and its denizens, the Santa Cruz Ria features various natural attractions all along its extension. They follow one another and provide visitors, as well as locals, with the possibility to enjoy nature using different alternatives:

The waterfront promenade is a classic to go for a walk, cycle, walk the dog or just share some mate with friends. The Santa Cruz Ria flows in the background day after day.
Punta Quilla and its famous Port are essential locations in the city, where vessels coming from overseas arrive from the most remote corners on the planet.
Various attractions and ramps are featured by the ria where people may enjoy fishing and nautical sports or just hang out with the family.
Isla Leones (Sea Lion Island), visited with some excursions is ideal to watch all kinds of birds, many of which are migratory.
Angling is another great protagonist in the area. Sea bass or silverside are typical catches. There are fishing excursions and even watercraft rental.

For all these reasons, more and more visitors resolve to stay at Puerto Santa Cruz every year. This is a city where the wind and the sea weather prevail, and where there are more and more things to do season after season.
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