History of Puerto Santa Cruz

It is said that it was Magellan himself who in 1520 spent two months in this place along with his crew before he set out to cross the strait. At this location, they gathered supplies to face the crossing and before setting sail, he had an altar built at Punta Reparo so that all those who visited this place could receive communion and go to confession.

This was a minimum piece of background information of what (much later on, in 1862) would become an attempt to educate the Tehuelches in the Catholic religion fostered by Reverends Schmidt y Hanziber, who were special envoys of the South American Missionary. Seeing that their missions were not fruitful, they withdrew towards Malvinas the following year.

In 1873, Commander Lawrence was sent by the Argentinian government to consolidate national sovereignty. In 1879, he managed to hoist the flag on Mount Misioneros. Thus, a strong campaign fostered by the government to populate this distant zone began. Great advantages were offered to work the soil and this project encouraged the colonization of the region.

Those who were interested in working and settling down in the area would be given one league of land, 500 sheep, some cows, a hut and farm tools. These elements should be returned by the settlers within a period of five years, when land would be definitely and legally granted to them.

And it all began with approximately ten families who accepted the challenge and slowly gave shape to the hamlet.

In 1943, the port was declared historical site.

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