Watching Puerto Punta Quilla

The shores of the Atlantic Ocean in Argentina, especially getting closer to the Patagonian area, become inhospitable and windier. That is why places that provide shelter are highly coveted.
Lying on the Argentinian Sea, on the southern margin of the Puerto Santa Cruz Ria, four and a half kilometers away from the mouth of this waterway in the Atlantic Ocean, there lies Puerto Punta Quilla.

A perfect natural refuge from big storms and tempests, the Santa Cruz Ria is an excellent harbor in this region, where the winds are always strong and natural shelters are necessary to fight the harsh weather. This is essential to handle any kind of commercial strategy in the area.

Puerto Punta Quilla is accessed between Punta Entrada and Punta Cascajo and its geographical features cause it to have 2 kilometers of width and 20 kilometers of length up to the confluence of the Santa Cruz and Chico Rivers.
  • The shores of the Atlantic Ocean

    The shores of the Atlantic Ocean

  • Modern pier

    Modern pier

  • Between Punta Entrada and Punta Cascajo

    Between Punta Entrada and Punta Cascajo

  • Lying on the Argentinian Sea

    Lying on the Argentinian Sea

As a result of these traits, Puerto Punta Quilla is capable of satisfying the needs of large ships. This modern pier has been built to foster sea activities carried out in its facilities and its surroundings year round.

With a platform that measures 158 meters of length and 30 meters of width, and with a double mooring front, the capacity of the harbor increases remarkably: a clever solution to welcome Argentinian ships as well as vessels from all over the world.

Punta Quilla has all the necessary services to operate: has illumination and buoying service, electric power supply, fire proof system, drinkable water, fuel, federal warehouses, container parks, sea agencies, port loading and unloading, food suppliers and other features understood by those who take part in port and sea activities.

The anchorage features depths of up to 26 meters. There is another anchorage off the city shore with depth of up to 9.14 meters.

A panoramic view may be caught in the cliffs or the access road and the engineering works carried out in the area can be appreciated from a distance. There is no doubt that the contribution made by men on these shores has given life to the area.

Pablo Etchevers / Jorge González


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