Five Options to Enjoy Northern Pinamar

Visitors staying in northern Pinamar often find it tiresome to go all the way down to the town center.

Fun for Kids
During a vacation at the seaside, no outing is complete without an option to amuse children. Pinamar Norte offers the chance for kids to go on a train ride, for example. There are also train, boat and flight simulators.

Either for dinner or tea, gastronomy is the first thing that comes to mind when going out at the seaside. Nobody should miss a visit to a quiet restaurant with a deck that gets customers close to nature.

Last Minute Shopping
No coal for the asado? Pinamar Norte has a grocery store that saves everyone from having to go all the way down to Bunge and Libertador. It has all the products sold at a big supermarket, even though it occupies a small area. There is even a large variety of wine labels.

  • Small but quaint

    Small but quaint

  • Commercial offer

    Commercial offer

  • From crafts to top international brands

    From crafts to top international brands

  • A train ride

    A train ride

  • Some food

    Some food

  • Unmissable


Time for an Ice-cream
Customers can either take it home or enjoy it right there. Ice-cream is essential during a vacation and Pinamar Norte is no exception. We may choose between Freddo or Cauca.

Going Shopping
It is impossible to end a tour around the commercial center without window-shopping or buying something. Pinamar Norte offers a wide array of stores selling everything from handicrafts to leading international brands. Visitors can find everything here. There is no need to go to the downtown any more.

Ever since this commercial center landed in the northern area, it has lured more and more visited and become more and more important. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most charming outings in the city of Pinamar today. A must.

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