A Car Room in the Open Air

Every summer, car makers land on Bunge Avenue with their ostentatious stands in order to show off their wide range of products and also to announce the launching of new models.

During the last few years, this seaside resort on the shores of Buenos Aires has become a real haven for brands, and car makers are no exception.
Car companies arrive in the city since early January to assemble their ostentatious stands where their products will be on display, and they stay until late in February.

Thus, Bunge Avenue, main artery in Pinamar becomes a kind of car showroom in the open air.

Not only do companies arrive every summer to show the wide range of products customers may acquire at the official car dealerships, but in some cases they also take advantage of the massive select public in order to anticipate the launching of some car models or 4WD vehicles.

  • 4WD vehicles

    4WD vehicles

  • On Bunge Avenue

    On Bunge Avenue

  • A real haven for brands

    A real haven for brands

  • Ostentatious stands where their products

    Ostentatious stands where their products

  • Kind of car showroom in the open air

    Kind of car showroom in the open air

  • Very attractive vehicles

    Very attractive vehicles

Attraction is not only provided by the cars. The huge investment made by car makers generally includes short shows to capture the attention of passer-byes. And it is also fair to say that behind all this, the beauty of the models that pose next to every car is for many a real attraction.

The marketing actions carried out by some companies include the chance to experience some test drives of the models available. People may approach the stands and enroll to drive a car they feel curious about before even buying them.

In addition to all this, the geographic features of the place turn out to be the ideal scenario for the brands that offer 4WD to carry out dynamic tests with the public on the sand hills known as La Frontera (The Frontier).

Every year, 4WD vehicles of different makes are driven by official pilots who show the qualities and advantages of the products in situ. Some makes, however, prefer to design and build special 4WD tracks with tailor-made obstacles that may highlight the virtues of the model.

Another side of the car makers marketing actions is represented by the post sale service. Some companies set up some mobile shops where a general check-up of the vehicle is offered to customers. At this spot, a diagnosis of the condition of the brakes, shock absorbers, alignment and fumes is available.

Last but not least, there are car makers that go for improving road safety by dictating drivers’ improvement clinics for their customers free of all charges.

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