Greater Buenos Aires

This majestic lake, the namesake of the capital of Argentina, crosses the border where it becomes Lake General Carreras. It is frequently chosen by anglers for the good quality of its trout.

Our unforgettable Saturday began on the balcony of Antigua Patagonia Inn where we enjoyed the spectacular view on that clear, sunny day. Nearby, we could see the water of Lake Buenos Aires, barely ruffled by a soft breeze.

After breakfast we decided to drive around the town, which was practically deserted at that time. After cruising down the tree lined streets, we headed to the coast of the great Buenos Aires, where fishermen and their families were beginning to gather.

We approached one of the several boats moored on the coast to learn about the lake.

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  • Fantastic water body

    Fantastic water body

  • On the coast

    On the coast

  • We could sail its waters

    We could sail its waters

  • On the Chilean side, it is known as Lake General Carreras

    On the Chilean side, it is known as Lake General Carreras

The total area of Lake Buenos Aires in both Argentina and Chile is 2,240 square kilometers. Los Antiguos, in the northeast of Santa Cruz Province, on the coast of this clear, turquoise water, is the town nearest the Chilean border.

Second in size only to Lake Titicaca, shared by Perú and Bolivia, the lake is deeper in Chile than in Argentina with steep ravines in some areas.

On the Argentinian side, its 881 square kilometers are located on a plain with a vertical coastline in the east. Its brown and rainbow trout can weigh over 5 or 6 kilos and are really appreciated by spin fishing lovers during the season. Although fishing is allowed throughout the year, catch-and-release is compulsory out of season.

Wind plays an important part in the lake so it is best to become acquainted with its behavior. Sometimes the beaches may not be windy, but there may be waves further into the lake.

Fortunately, we were able to go for a thrilling ride along the coast on a friend’s semi-rigid boat. It was a wonderful opportunity to take a great number of photos.

We went by the quay at the inn and continued towards the border stretching from the mouth of River Jeinimeni on the coast opposite Ingeniero Pallavicini. Speeding upwind at times made the boat hit the water extremely hard.

The snow-capped mountains in the distance provided the perfect frame for the lake and, on the way back, we managed to see some black necked swans at the mouth of River Los Antiguos.

Back at the beach we all shared mate and biscuits before bidding our friends farewell and thanking them for an amazing outing.

At dusk, looking out the dining-room window, we were surprised to see the lake seemed to have magically disappeared, cloaked in thick mist.

Autor Mónica Pons Fotografo Karina Jozami

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