Tour around Posadas and Pueyrredón

The difference in hues in the waters of both lakes is as impressive as the scenic beauty of this small isthmus: a separation of only 200 meters.

National Route 40 approaches countless Andean nooks in southern Argentina. Traveling along it within the territory of the Province of Santa Cruz enabled us to access two must visit lakes: Posadas and Pueyrredón. They lie almost on the Chilean border and offer excellent views and fresh mountain air.

Traveling from north to south, we set out at Perito Moreno and headed for a valley that lies between both lakes. This area has become a tourist haven as a result of the activities practiced there.

Very close we saw a small town known as Hipólito Yrigoyen (before reaching Lake Posadas). It was founded many years ago. It started at a estancia devoted to sheep husbandry. As time went by, it became a delightful spot with interesting tourist offer and services. It was there where we stopped for some supplies to spend the day in the open air. We also made some arrangements to rent a cabin where we would stop for the night.

  • Lake Posadas

    Lake Posadas

  • Walking through the Pueyrredón

    Walking through the Pueyrredón

  • Almost on the Chilean border

    Almost on the Chilean border

  • Fresh mountain air

    Fresh mountain air

We bordered Lake Pueyrredón following a gravel road and came across a very pleasant space where we took protection from the western wind. We got ourselves a cane and hiked along the shore. Afterwards, we organized a fishing outing. We would get on a boat in the afternoon.

We were surprised by the great deal of people who were already camping. Many lake and mountain tours start at this spot. Cerro del Indio (Indian Hill), Garganta del Río Oro (Gold River Throat) and the tour to Mount San Lorenzo -the highest in the province- were just some of them. The most adventurous dare to face the glaciers, wade in meltdown rivers and climb up mountains with the corresponding and essential equipment.

In the afternoon, our fishing outing turned out to be a very comforting ride. Though rainbow trout, perch and silverside are caught in the area, we only fished a large rainbow trout which we cooked on the grill. We heard that some salt water species, such as sea bass and salmon, usually enter Lake Pueyrredón. This is due to the fact that the water body changes into Lake Cochrane in Chile and is connected with the Pacific Ocean.

Lake Pueyrredón is the largest of the two lakes. It receives waters from two very important rivers that come down Mounts San Lorenzo -Paso and Oro- and it features a deep blue shade.

The waters of Lake Posadas instead have a green hue whose intensity changes according to the time of the day and the sunlight. In its center, there is a curious rock formation which the prevailing winds have shaped into a bridge. It is known as El Arco (the Arch). Together with Lake Pueyrredón, they are part of the Pacific basin.

It was a memorable experience during which we relaxed, enjoyed the purity of springs and open air. We took an amazing amount of photographs which we showed to our family and friends, feeling proud to have chosen that Patagonian corner.

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