Panoramic Point

The Panoramic Point is a must for all visitors to Perito Moreno. From there you can have a wonderful view of Laguna Los Cisnes and the valleys of the rivers Fenix...

Located in the intersection of the provincial routes N ° 43 and N ° 45 and the national route N ° 40, it is the head of the Department Lake Buenos Aires and Capital of the Rock Art, constitutes one of the strategic points to visit the Cave of the Hands , The main archaeological resource of the Province.

Because of its location, it is a strategic point to visit the attractions located in

It is surrounded by cattle ranches and farms producing fine fruits and vegetables.

This picturesque city also counts on tourism as an important activity, among the main attractions are the observation of fauna in the Laguna Park, the landscape of the Andes mountain range and the paleolithic art in the Cave of the Hands, one of the Few archaeological sites of the mentioned art outside Europe.

  • It is accessed either along Provincial Route 43

    It is accessed either along Provincial Route 43

  • Municipality


  • The chance to experience history

    The chance to experience history

  • Plazoleta Pari Aike

    Plazoleta Pari Aike

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