Fishing in the Shores of Miramar

Along the shore, several places outstand for their good strikes. Close to the city and accessible to any angler…

Miramar offers enthusiasts of these passionate sports countless possibilities to fish from the shore. Pejerrey specimens of all kinds -panzón, escardón and corno- may be caught in a few hours. Besides, if the angler has the right bait, it is possible to fish large southern kingcroakers, white breams, corvinas, stripped weakfish, Brazilian flathead, congers, skates, soles, Argentine seabass and anchovy.

Those who choose to walk along the edge and watch the sea relief may appreciate the famous “fishing pools”, which due to their geographical features give the angler the possibility of finding high sport value fish. In general, these accidents are discovered because the sea does not present its typical formation of gutters, breakers and banks that give origin to the waves.

The great depth generated in the bottom is manifested in the calmness of the surface, which does not have the typical wave formation other beaches do.

  • Along the shore

    Along the shore

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    The prize of the day

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    These passionate sports

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    A successful fishing

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    A perfect beach

Everybody’s Pier…

The history of the Miramar pier turned into an indelible memory in the mind of its first settlers. In the early 1900, the abundance of fish in the area was such that the need to have a pier that would enable anglers to fish “deep waters” became imperative.

Thus, in 1908 Miramar already had its own wooden pier. In 1911, a storm rendered it practically useless. In 1917, and at the request of various neighbors of the area who were auguring the project, the new pier started to be built. But it did not manage to resist the stormy winds of the sea either.

In 1922, and after several failed formalities, Governor José Cantilo proposed the construction of a pier by approving the decree by means of which a certain amount of the money reserved by the province was destined for such purpose. But it was not until 1926 that the works began.

The original project was formed by a reinforced concrete structure, but the European company in charge of the construction could not comply and chose to abandon the task.

Finally, in 1934, the works were finished, and the pier was reduced to the size it has today after other great storms forced it to be repaired and modified to guarantee safety. On June 26, 1999, with the attendance of the mayor and the public in general, the reformations were inaugurated, and the pier was opened as we know it today. A real pride for local anglers and for all those who would behold the city at night, from the sea and in the moonlight…

For a better location

With the purpose of advising anglers about where these pools are located, it was the Tourist Office’s task to locate them and give them numbers on a North-South basis, entering the city of Miramar from the Chapadmalal seaside resort along Route 11 up to the Mar del Sud area.

Pool N° 1 “Golden Sands”.
Located in km 6 of Route 11. The great protagonist is the pejerrey.

Pool N° 2 “Golf Cliffs”
Located in km 4.8 of Route 11. The pejerrey and the white bream predominate.

Pool N° 3 “The Buoy”.
Located in km 4 of Route 11. Good pejerreyes panzones and some white bream or other would strike.

Pool N°4 “The Tamarisks”
Located in km 3.9 of Route 11. Large pejerreyes, southern kingcroakers, white breams and palomentas are caught.

Pool N°5 “0-1-2-3-4-5 Breakers”
Located in Route 11 inside the city bathing resorts. Among the species caught there, the pejerrey and a rich variety of corvinas, stripped weakfish and dogfish outstand. These breakers are an ideal spot for night fishing.

Pool N°6 “The Creek’s Breaker”
Located in km 1.7 of Route 11 and Avenue 9. Both when the sea tide is high and when the small creek empties into the sea, the possibilities of fishing increase remarkably With these features, it is common that large soles, pejerreyes and even sharks come around –the latter at night.

Pool N°7 “Center Breaker”
Located opposite the city on the waterfront. Here, the variety is rich, especially as regards corvinas rubias.

Pool N° 8 “Anglers’ Pier”
Located on the waterfront and Avenue 37. It is the most privileged spot in the zone, as due to its depth all the species dwelling the sea littoral can be caught at any time of the year.

Muelle de Pescadores
Address: Costanera and Avenida 37.

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