Miramar`s Aeroclub and First Flights

The Miramar Aeroclub permits to do baptism flights in light aircrafts and enjoy a different view of the city. To be closer to the clouds than to solid ground …

During the summer season, the remarkable increase in visibility and the high day temperatures enable the activity to start very early in the morning.

Thus, dozens of tourists start arriving from the city and its outskirts on their vehicles to find out how much a baptism flight costs, what it is about, what the routes are, and countless enquiries that are kindly answered by the club authorities.

As they ask and watch each of the aeroclub’s aircrafts take off and land, they walk around the facilities and, while drinking mate, their eyes go through everything related with the world of flying. Inside the hangar or in the coffee-shop, the photos, the plates, the medals and magazines quickly talk to the visitors. Each corner has some track of the crafts and craftsmen who practice this activity and of those who have passed by the aeroclub.

  • To be closer to the clouds

    To be closer to the clouds

  • A party for the family

    A party for the family

  • Every corner has some trace of the airplanes

    Every corner has some trace of the airplanes

  • Taking off towards the Adventure

    Taking off towards the Adventure

  • A different view of the city

    A different view of the city

Eduardo Ruete, who is the president of the aeroclub at present, tells us: “The first thing we do is provide all the necessary information to the tourist who intends to embark on a flight. A kind of preface. They are explained everything about the place, the check-ups required by the Air Force and of course, the tour to be followed, in case the service is hired. Explaining all the doubts is the best way of making those who wish to fly to do so safely”.

And Eduardo’s words sound convincing, because even if some of them will not be brave enough in the end and choose to stay on solid ground, most visitors gather up courage and resolve to go up. Thus, we shared a baptism flight with a group of tourists…

Taking off towards the Adventure

It looked like an ideal day to fly and the sea breeze was already entering the continent from past midday. Just a little wind, which would be a relief for the heat and the enthusiasm of the passengers.

We slowly got on the aircraft. As each of us would check our camera, the small airplane left the hangar. Those who stayed on the ground would wave at the adventurers on board.

When we were ready, the pilot was in charge of checking all the controls, commands and lights of the aircraft, just like it must be done before each flight. Once he had finished his task and made sure everything was “OK”, he slowly led the plane to the head of one of the runways of the aeroclub.


The engine noise changed suddenly. It was evident that the yearned moment had arrived. The faces would try to hide a natural fear, typical of those who run a risk for the first time. The aircraft started to taxi along the runway and less than two hundred meters afterwards, the landing gear left the ground. From that moment on, everything turned into pleasure.

After explaining that the take-off had been perfect, the pilot anticipated that the first spot we would see from the air would be the area of Chapadmalal, and its large tourist resort, its red roofs and large cliffs.

The sensation of watching the sea as we gained height was really magical. We had to be watchful as the colors would change in the blink of an eye: from green to sand, and from sand to blue in a matter of seconds.

We quickly flew over the resort and the plane started to follow the access road to the city of Miramar, which from the air looked quite different, with its hills and vehicles, one after the other. A large green field with its grass neatly cut and taken care of could be seen in the distance. It was the city Golf Club. Once we passed over it, apart from the greens and the banners on every hole, hundreds of players scattered around its entire surface were made out.

We immediately saw the city chalets and buildings, the waterfront avenue and the main street, the pier and the small breakwaters crowded with anglers, as well as each one of the seaside resorts.

Someone asked at what height we were flying and the pilot quickly answered: “500 feet, which means 150 meters. When we flew over the city, we were at 1,000 feet, that is to say, 300 meters”.

Back on Solid Ground

We finally got to Mar del Sud. We passed over the old hotel and started our way back to the aeroclub, after passing by the La Ballenera Lagoon and its fertile fields.
In the distance, the landing strip was made out and we all understood that the adventure had come to an end. We flew over the aeroclub and began to approach it in order to land. “This is called initial” the pilot said as we flew parallel to the runway. Then, he made the plane turn and explained that that was “the basic”. And then, with the wind in front, he started “the final”. Almost without noticing it, we were on solid ground once again.

No sooner had we opened the plane door, an irresistible smoke cloud invaded the group. It was one of the so many barbecues done at the aeroclub every weekend. A real friends club, where flying is simply an excuse to get together and have a good time…

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