Fishing at La Ballenera Lagoon

The ideal alternative when a moment different from a typical day on the beach is wished for, only 10 kilometers from the city of Miramar.

The place is a small treasure perfectly known by the dwellers of Miramar. The possibility of enjoying a cozy space to make a barbecue, teaching the children to fish and wait for the evening to come in order to see the moon glowing in the quiet waters of the lagoon are some of the attractions of this small but beautiful water mirror.

The lagoon takes its name from the La Ballenera creek, its main tributary. There are those who assert that the name was taken from a whale hunting craft that sank in the mouth of the creek into the Atlantic Ocean.

Its particular entrance unveils a spot where neatness is the most common thing. The lawn grass is perfectly cut, whereas the large trees and plants contribute with their dose of shade and oxygen. Wood benches border the lagoon and invite visitors to have a seat and read the newspaper or even get lost inside a good book, as the smoke from the barbecue makes them think twice about how worth it is to go onto the next page. To complete the scene, a small but picturesque wooden pier is used for the boarding and descent of anglers who get into one of the so many boats of the Fishing Club.

  • A small treasure

    A small treasure

  • A moment different

    A moment different

  • Small but picturesque wooden pier

    Small but picturesque wooden pier

  • The place belongs to them

    The place belongs to them

  • The fascinating world of pejerrey buoy fishing

    The fascinating world of pejerrey buoy fishing

A sign post invites visitors to feel like the owners of the place and, therefore, to behave properly. Visitors are asked not to bother the birds, to take care of the trees, not to waste water and, of course, to keep the entire park clean. There are barbecue houses and grills for all those who wish to make a barbecue, and that is evidenced on Sundays.

In the past, the lagoon was inside private property and, along with its present venue, was transferred by Mr. Luis Felipe Amadeo to the Albatros Anglers’ Club. The mirror was inaugurated and open to the public on August 20, 1980.

During the winter, even if the pejerreyes caught are not many, their quality is outstanding. Aquatic plants, especially the gambarrusa, which acts as the nest for this species, are predominant in the mirror. In turn, the great walls of rush surrounding the waters guarantee the presence of adult pejerreyes.

But there are pejerreyes for all: from the ones looking for their record, to the hundreds of anglers of the area who are waiting for the arrival of the first cold temperatures to lead the youngest into their debut in the fascinating world of pejerrey buoy fishing. Although the 49 hectares are not too much, there are fish that due to their size do not seem part of this small environment.

According to regulations passed by the authorities of the lagoon, only 15 specimens per angler can be caught, and all of them must surpass the 25 centimeters. If not, they must be returned to the water without being hurt.

The panorama changes during the summer months. To the quietness of fishing, we must add windsurfing and kite surfing, a new sport consisting of sliding on a small board obtaining energy from a small paraglide maneuvered with the arms. This modality is becoming more and more popular and is practiced on stormy days or when there are strong winds.

Apart from all kinds of birds, la Ballenera is a natural reserve where it is possible to watch various animal species, such as otters, capybaras, ducks, black-necked swan and even some pink flamingo. Therefore, photographic tours are ideal, especially for those who are experiencing photography for the first time.

With the heat, fishing changes, and now the wolf fish becomes the most coveted species. Furthermore, large catfish, dentudos, mojarras and even viejas del agua are caught in any of the edges, thus guaranteeing amusement for the small anglers.

In order to make a child feel interested in sport fishing, first it is necessary to feel that behind the water there is an unknown world that may surprise them at any moment. The joy of the children when they first get on a fishing boat, put their life-jacket on and wait for adventure is something unforgettable. And this kind of postcards is common in La Ballenera.

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How to get hereHow to get here: From the city of Miramar, take 9 de Julio street up to its end and then Provincial Route 11. Follow this road for 10 kilometers up to the entrance of the lagoon, on the right. The lagoon is 6 kilometers from the neighboring district of Mar del Sud.
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