Things to do in Miramar

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Contemplative Tourism

A Visit to Miramar's Agricultural School

This is one of the biggest prides of the city. Visitors can see it in guided tours organized all through the year by teachers and students …


Fishing at La Ballenera Lagoon

The ideal alternative when a moment different from a typical day on the beach is wished for, only 10 kilometers from the city of Miramar.


Fishing in the Shores of Miramar

Along the shore, several places outstand for their good strikes. Close to the city and accessible to any angler …


Miramar`s Aeroclub and First Flights

The Miramar Aeroclub permits to do baptism flights in light aircrafts and enjoy a different view of the city. To be closer to the clouds than to solid ground …

Contemplative Tourism

Miramar`s Municipal Plant Nursery, Energetic Woodland

At the Vivero Municipal there is an area which the urban legends have christened “dark or energetic forest”. A myth that has been created some time ago...

Tourism in Buenos Aires

The scenes contained by the Province of Buenos Aires are quite different: the countryside, mountains, large cities, lakes, the Paraná Delta and the wide array of beaches on the Atlantic coast.

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