Mar del Plata's Aquarium

Next to one of the emblematic icons of Mar del Plata, the Punta Mogotes Lighthouse, lies "Aquarium Mar del Plata", a small but illustrative show of the vastness of the sea.

Who would not be fascinated to swim with hundreds of fish of various species?

Who would not feel curiosity and adrenaline to dive into a pool crowded with sharks? Who would not like to be -at least for a few minutes- a trainer of dolphins?

Looking into the Sea Again

These experiences and many others may be enjoyed at Aquarium Mar del Plata, a venue that has opened its gates to visitors once more after 4 years of closure.

Across its 12 hectares on the shores of the sea and with a spectacular and privileged view of Punta Mogotes, since summer 2007, its attractions are open for all lovers of the sea and its dwellers.

  • The vastness of the sea

    The vastness of the sea

  • Lemurs and otters

    Lemurs and otters

  • Sea lions and penguins

    Sea lions and penguins

  • A splendid collection

    A splendid collection

Inaugurated in 1993, this park was, and intends to be once more, one of the largest recreational alternatives in the City of Mar del Plata, guaranteeing visitors a day of amusement and entertainment as well as the opportunity to learn new things.

In addition to the traditional shows of sea lions and dolphins, there is a fabulous display of water ski in which four drivers show their skills as they make incredible pirouettes and juggles in front of the enthusiastic applause of the audience.

Almost Touching Them…

A huge fish aquarium, a 3D sea theater, a penguin shelter and a turtle and crocodile aquarium where visitors may observe other species too are other attractions in the venue.

The 3D cinema is the first tridimensional cinema in the country. Accommodating 266 people, it becomes a real experience whose magic enables viewers to feel that they can touch the creatures shown in the film just by stretching out their arms.

Today, this cinema is the venue for various pedagogical experiences that, along with the foundation, the Science Port and the Turtle Recovery Center, is in charge of returning life to the sea, the same life the sea has created for millions of years.

From the Sea Into the Sea

The constant visit of children during the summer camp holidays is appreciated at first sight and heard from several blocks away. Children do not hide their feelings when it comes to paying tribute and celebrating the pirouettes made by dolphins, the tricks the sea lions make or the strange pace of the penguins wandering about the area.

And everything goes back to the sea. “Aquarium” Beach, which may be accessed after visiting the park, enables visitors to relax at the sea, watching it from a different point of view: knowing that everything they see, hear or feel could be the presence of some of the fascinating animals the aquarium has borrowed from the sea to show them to whoever wishes to visit this place.

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