Fishing and the Whitemouth Croaker Festival

Angling is a very important component of life in Mar de Ajó. There is nothing like the fishing rod and the hand net. This seaside resort features one of the major piers in the area...

Like all cities on the coastline, fishing is one of the greatest attractions in Mar de Ajó. We could not stop visiting the pier, the epicenter of this sport activity that involves so much passion and patience.

At 800, Waterfront Avenue, we came across the building housing the pier and Mar de Ajó Nautical and Fishing Association. Inaugurated in 1966, it is 270 meters long and the last and largest to be built in the district called Partido de la Costa.

In addition to fishing with lines or rods, hand net fishing is allowed at this pier in order to catch cornalitos, anchovy, silverside and other species. According to frequent visitors to the pier, the most common catch are whitemouth croakers and black drums, brótolas and congers.

  • The pier has a T-shape

    The pier has a T-shape

  • Passion and patience

    Passion and patience

  • Mar de Ajó Nautical and Fishing Association

    Mar de Ajó Nautical and Fishing Association

  • With a rod or a hand net

    With a rod or a hand net

The pier has a T-shape. Hand net fishing is practiced in the first meters and anglers using fishing rods and lines settle down in the deeper area. The jetty is seven meters wide, more than enough to try fishing to both sides of the rail without causing the lines to tangle up.

On the T sector, which crosses the jetty, anglers find a comfortable site to leave their personal belongings and tools? There is also an area where they can clean the fish.

It is not a coincidence that the National Whitemouth Croaker Festival is held at this location every year. In 1968, two years after the pier was inaugurated, a group of angling enthusiasts celebrated the plentiful whitemouth croaker catch. This gave origin to the festival held on the third weekend of November at General Lavalle campsite, at 800, Francisco de las Carreras Street.

During those days, visitors may enjoy artistic and sport shows, angling contests of course, float parades and the greatest attraction is the election of the queen.

Besides fishing in the pier, Mar de Ajó also offers several outfitters who sell boat fishing outings. There are daily programs during the summer season. Information is provided at the local tourist office.

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