Getaway to Nueva Atlantis

ollowing Provincial Route 11 or the waterfront avenue, this solitary flourishing spot may be accessed just a few kilometers away from Mar de Ajó.

After touring around Mar de Ajó, we resolved to drive south along San Martín Avenue towards the main road. As we reached the roundabout, we turned left and a few kilometers away we came to a path made of dirt and sand that leads to the sea where an access gate reads "Nueva Atlantis".

We drove in. We wanted to see this new development. The first kilometer along the dirt and sand path let us become aware that we were in a solitary, peaceful extremely quiet place where we could enjoy silence.

The sun was setting on the horizon and it was that magical time when the light tells us we have but a few minutes to take some pictures. We relaxed and enjoyed the quietness transmitted by this site of sporadic houses and neat urban layout. If we looked at it on Google Earth, we would see a perfect grid with a main somewhat broader street (the way in and out towards the main road) and crossed by two Xs that give shape to four diagonals plus other two that give shape to a > sign. The streets in this resort have names and the numbers are correlative to those in Mar de Ajó.

  • A few kilometers away from Mar de Ajó

    A few kilometers away from Mar de Ajó

  • Incredibly attractive beaches

    Incredibly attractive beaches

  • Partido de la Costa, on the Argentinian Sea

    Partido de la Costa, on the Argentinian Sea

  • A familiar place

    A familiar place

This district is an invitation to enjoy sport and environment related activities. Its broad beaches are surrounded by wild vegetation which shelters the area from the western wind. It is an ideal site for those who prefer Nature. The absence of beach bars makes the surroundings almost unspoiled as compared with other seaside destinations on the shores of Buenos Aires. There are few people on the beach and in the water and the presence of some anglers on the coast gives us evidence that this is a good location to practice this sport based on patience. Besides, and as a result of their size and quietness, these beaches are incredibly attractive to practice various recreational sports, horseback or ATV riding.

While touring the inner streets in Nueva Atlantis, it is not hard to realize this is a thriving seaside resort. We barely came across a grocery store and a couple of restaurants during our visit. The community clinic lies on Roldán Avenue -the main street in town- and the chapel devoted to Our Lady of Sorrows and the Holy Sepulcher is located one block away. In the background, we spotted the Stations of the Cross.

Going south either along the waterfront or Provincial Route 11, the area known as Punta Médanos may be accessed. At this location, there is a lighthouse, a campsite and a great deal of visible and non-visible shipwrecks.

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