Fishing at the Salada Grande Lagoon in Madariaga

It is the ideal alternative when the weather is not nice at the beach. The paradise for anglers lies a few minutes away from Mar de Ajó, namely at La Salada Grande de Madariaga.

The paradise for anglers lies a few minutes away from Mar de Ajó, namely at La Salada Grande de Madariaga. It is possible to enjoy one day fishing on a boat in one of the best lagoons for the silverside in the Province of Buenos Aires in summer as well as in winter.

The lagoon has been named after the high salinity of its waters and after its huge size. Therefore, it is called Salada Grande (Big Salty Pond) de Madariaga (the name of the gaucho area where it is located).

Its unique entrance allows tourists to see how well kept everything is. The park is manicured to perfection and big trees and plants provide shade and oxygen. Last but not least, a stunning wooden quincho (BBQ area) invites both anglers and tourists to rest before or after getting on board to find out how the fishing went in this friendly atmosphere.

Wildlife Reserve

  • A real treat

    A real treat

  • At the fishing pier

    At the fishing pier

  • The park is manicured to perfection

    The park is manicured to perfection

  • Fishing Boats

    Fishing Boats

At the gravel road accessing the lagoon, several road signs invite tourists to feel the place as theirs and to behave accordingly.

This is not an ordinary place. This is one of the most beautiful and natural wildlife reserves in the Province of Buenos Aires, where birds of all kinds, otters and capybaras can be seen on the lake shores.

On the contrary, in Salada Grande there are silversides for everyone: for those trying to break their records to the hundreds of other local anglers waiting for the cold temperatures in order to introduce the little ones into the fascinating world of silverside fishing.

Everything Changes in Summer

During the summer months, everything changes. In addition to the tranquility of fishing, there are other sport activities like windsurfing and kitesurfing. However, silverside fishing at dawn keeps giving good results.

Also, all kinds of birds and other species of animals more active because of the heat, like otters, capybaras, ducks, black-necked swans and even some pink flamingos, can be photographed in the lagoon. But fishing changes with heat and now the most wanted fish turns out to be the tararira or tarucha, as the locals called it.

Perhaps that is why many people gather here to fish when a storm unleashes on the coast. Catfish, dentudo, mojarra (type of sea bream) and even viejas del agua are very common. Thus, amusement is guaranteed for all anglers.

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Tel: +54 2267-425367

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