María Lucrecia Educational Farm in Mar de Ajó

Almost by chance, we learnt that exactly twenty days before, an educational farm had been opened in the outskirts of Mar de Ajó. Taking advantage of the fact that we were in a seaside resort, we wanted to approach this place and get to know its tourist benefits in case we could recommend it.

We abandoned Mar de Ajó beaches and a few minutes later we were leaving the city’s roundabout behind. We crossed Route 11 and just three kilometers after the entrance of the city of Gral. Lavalle, we got to María Lucrecia’s.

A picturesque sign listing the country activities performed in the area announced that we had reached the right place. At first sight, the educational farm looked good: the grass was neatly cut, there were leafy trees and countless animals loose in the lawn. That is one of the impressions we would always keep: A stony path leading us to the countryside dining-room. At a distance, among laugher and guitar cords, we watched people enjoying the various rural facilities.

As soon as we entered, we were welcome by Daniel Nitka, the owner of the farm, who told us about the activities to be done in the kindly tone only used by country people.

  • Looked good

    Looked good

  • Pool


  • Farm animals

    Farm animals

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“María Lucrecia’s is an estate where the entire family may enjoy the benefits of the countryside and discover, in a natural way, the meaning of breeding and taking care of animals, with visits to the organic orchard, where the elements we grow end up on the country dining-room table” –Nitka explained.

“Besides, the farm has two ecological lagoons, where those who love fishing may perform interesting fly casting techniques, either with floating or sinking lines, and catch atherines, mullets and catfish, which have been planted in the place.”

The Educational Farm

Once the formal presentation of the facilities had been made, we set out to visit the privacy of the new complex in the company of our guide called Cristián. The young guide, dressed up as a gaucho for the occasion, was a vet and he quickly showed us his knowledge of the animals that made up the living side of the picturesque farm.

“People, especially those coming from the capital city, enjoy María Lucrecia’s very much. After lunch, the youngest members of the family have four hours to visit the place, enjoying full contact with the animals”–asserted Cristián, while we headed to the organic orchard.

The patch was huge and colorful. Tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, parsley, onions, potatoes, radishes, beet and countless vegetables watered by trickle irrigation were spread out all over the area. “No fertilizers or pesticides are used in the orchard. Instead, we use aromatic species repelling insects” –the guide explained as we improvised the guided tour.

Then we passed on to the area where the animals were. Rabbits, hens, ducks, geese, peacocks, otters, sheep, goats, cows, calves, horses and pigs seemed to be waiting for the tourists inside their yards.

Among the poultry catching our attention, we found ring-necked pheasants, Japanese and Guinea Hens, which went loose because they could not breed in captivity.

In the farm you may enjoy an exquisite show while watching colt training, rein testing and local games, such as carreras de sortijas. Furthermore, horseback and sulky (a kind of cart) rides are organized within the facilities of the complex.

Little by little, we started to understand the meaning of the terms “educational farm”: everything was set so that both grown-ups and children could watch and learn about rural activities in a practical way.

Before leaving, we were invited by Elsa –Cristián’s mother– to taste some delicious pastelitos (pies) with quince jam at the handicraft products shop, where you can also purchase pickles, homemade dulce de leche and fruit in syrup, among other things. Recommended.

Useful Data

Location: Juan Galo Lavalle, between sentry boxes 4 and 5, 3 km from Mar de Ajó roundabout.
Te.: 54 2257 420009
Cell Phone.: 54 2257 15526973

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