Illustrious Boulevard Atlántico Hotel

The most exalted families in the country visited this luxurious hotel on the days when luggage was not light and would not fit inside a backpack.

It is not easy to go back to the days on which some of these seaside destinations emerged with hotels such as Boulevard Atlántico in Mar del Sur, one of the first beaches on the Argentinian Atlantic Coast.

Reaching this location from Buenos Aires
Situated meters away from the sea, Boulevard Atlántico Hotel features two stories, European façade and interior and a clear symmetry. All this turned this beach into an exclusive site. There was not even a village, a church or authorities at this location in the map. It was not until 1911 that the hotel completed the authorization proceedings for its 90 rooms and opened its doors to visitors in general. Then, its ballroom, cinema and roulette were inaugurated.

The hotel had to sort several obstacles. The continuous advance of the sand over the building, the fact that its builders went bankrupt, a fire and a failed administration to get the railway to approach this area are some of them. The town developed little by little back in 1930, regardless of the hotel building.

  • A jewel of the past

    A jewel of the past

  • There are those who trust their recovery

    There are those who trust their recovery

  • Majestic presence

    Majestic presence

  • Building from the late nineteenth century

    Building from the late nineteenth century

  • Remodeling projects

    Remodeling projects

  • Municipal Historical Monument

    Municipal Historical Monument

After its recuperation, from 1983 to 1993, Boulevard Atlántico was always at its zenith. Afterwards, it was usurped and the court had to intervene. To make matters worse, its roof was blown out by a tornado.

The owners of this venue have been studying the possibility of doing some refurbishing works ever since 1998. So far, it has been an impossible task to complete due to expensive costs

As a show of its phantasmagorical presence, an Argentinian fictional movie boasted its vampire characters among its rundown walls and beams.

It has been declared Historical Municipal Monument and today it would be a clear evidence of the glamour enjoyed by one part of the Argentinian society in the late nineteenth century, had it been preserved. For Mar del Sur, restoring it would mean to remember the myth of the Boulevard Atlántico, one of the most sumptuous hotels of its time.

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