Touring around Mar del Sur

With a simple appearance, with wide arteries –very few of them paved-, this seaside village welcomes tourists who wish to spend slow-paced vacations.

Mar del Sur is accessed from the City of Miramar through one of its sunny paved streets that leads to the urban center.

Four blocks make up the main square lined by a chapel and the buildings housing the provincial police station and the Town Hall. The coast lies about eight hundred meters away because it was necessary to keep away from the strong sea wind at the time of its foundation.

Then we went along 100th Avenue. We saw many stores and services and were finally led to the beach. A line of thick bushes ornaments the seafront separating the sea from the city.

Many private residences boast their original architecture and there is even one house whose owner studded walls, floors and garden furniture with thousands of shells picked up at the beach. It is known as Casa de los Caracoles (The House of Shells).

  • Wild and quiet place

    Wild and quiet place

  • Sports, sand and relaxation

    Sports, sand and relaxation

  • Atlantic Boulevard hotel

    Atlantic Boulevard hotel

  • A holiday without troubles

    A holiday without troubles

  • Historic Landmark

    Historic Landmark

In addition to cabins and inns, the entire urban area features several camping sites in areas covered by trees and creeks. The accommodation offer increases hand in hand with the increasing number of visitors every summer.

We noticed that the downtown beaches are the most popular and the ones offering the widest varieties of services. The coastal belt continues to be wide but groups of people seemed to scatter around in the sunshine.

Two creeks reach the shore and mix their freshwaters with the saltwater. In the outskirts, we saw that the sand hills are the scene where young people practice sand-surfing and ride ATVs.

Farther away from the downtown, on the point known as Punta Pérez, anglers enjoy an interesting fishing environment using rod. In the winter, those who dare to face the coast wind and temperatures usually catch silverside, the most highly coveted species.

At Mar del Sur, the first prize is to appreciate nature in an almost untouched state. That is the goal of many steady denizens, who share it with those who choose to spend their vacations at this wild and silent spot.

The images of the hotel are courtesy of “Asociación Amigos Hotel Boulevard Atlántic” (Mar del Sur)

Autor Mónica Pons Fotografo Pablo Etchevers

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