Things to do in Malargüe

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Contemplative Tourism

A Tour around the City of Malargüe

We went on a sightseeing tour and visited the most attractive spots in the city. A tour to enjoy and learn about the idiosyncrasy of the people from Malargüe.


Adventure travel in Manqui Malal

We practiced climbing, rappelling, Tyrolean crossing and hiking in a reservation located at the foot of the mountain range, 30 kilometers away from town. An ideal spot to enjoy adventure at every instant.

Contemplative Tourism

Carmona Labyrinths

The Carmona Labyrinths bring a history of effort and commitment. The recreational proposal is quite recent to enjoy in Malargüe, very close to the city.

MuseumsContemplative Tourism

Past and Present: Malargüe Regional Museum

The past and modern times are combined for us to learn about Malargüe's achievements. We visited the Regional Museum and the Thesaurus Conventions Center.

Contemplative TourismRafting

Rafting on the Salado River

Adrenaline in its purest state: we went river rafting down the Upper Salado River. An adventure to enjoy with the entire family amidst the vastness of the mountain range.

Contemplative Tourism

Shopping in Chile… Crossing from Malargüe

“Shopping tour” may be the best way to describe the great deal of crossings made by Argentinians from Malargüe towards the various Chilean cities awaiting on the other side of the Andes.

AdventureContemplative Tourism

Speleology: Descent to the Witches` Cavern

We practiced speleological tourism in one of the largest caves in Argentina. Surrounded by myths and legends, we enjoyed the strange formations contained in this place.

TrekkingContemplative Tourism

The Volcanoes in La Payunia Reserve

Volcanic cones and a vast flood basalt structure of various shades make up a surprising landscape when visiting La Payunia Provincial Reserve. Discover it with us.

Tourism in Mendoza

The charms of the Province of Mendoza can be experienced and enjoyed year round: its natural beauties and the vastness of its mountains, its famed wineries and its excellent wines...

MuseumsContemplative Tourism

Visit to Pierre Auger`s Observatory

Maybe there are few people who know that there is something in the cosmos that is throwing out particles that reach the Earth constantly. We visited the Pierre Auger Observatory to find out more about this matter.

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