Shopping in Chile… Crossing from Malargüe

“Shopping tour” may be the best way to describe the great deal of crossings made by Argentinians from Malargüe towards the various Chilean cities awaiting on the other side of the Andes.

While in Malargüe, the city and its surroundings offer countless tours and nooks that invite visitors to stay longer. The main attractions include the cave known as Caverna de las Brujas (The Witches’ Cavern), the formation called Castillos de Pincheira (Pincheira’s Castles), Lake Llancanelo and La Payunia. These four locations have been declared provincial parks. Amazement and legends are combined at these locations to ensure a memorable visit.

Pehuenche Pass, Mendoza (Argentina)

Pehuenche Pass lies close to Malargüe and it leads to the District of Talca (Chile). Beautiful cities such as Chillán, Concepción or Los Ángeles may be accessed from this point.

This border pass is the second most important way to reach Chile from inside the territory of the Province of Mendoza. It is open to cars and buses from 9am to 7pm in Argentina, letting travelers in up to 9pm; and from 8am to 6pm in Chile, letting travelers in up to 8pm.

  • Fantastic landscape of Malargüe

    Fantastic landscape of Malargüe

  • Walking around Chillán

    Walking around Chillán

  • Concepción is the gateway to the south of Chile

    Concepción is the gateway to the south of Chile

  • Shopping Center in Concepción

    Shopping Center in Concepción

  • Portal Falabella

    Portal Falabella

  • Paris in Chillán

    Paris in Chillán

The Andes reach a height of 2,553 MASL at this point and the Chilean District of Talca lies only 300 kilometers away.

Chillán is famous for lodging one of the most beautiful winter resorts in South America. In addition to woods and snow relished by skiers from around the world, hot spring venues and incredible volcanoes complete the scene .

Concepción is the entrance gate to southern Chile and it is the capital of the Region known as Bío-Bío. It is one of the most important financial, commercial and tourist poles in the country. The old coal mine called Chiflón del Diablo (The Devil’s Blast), lies minutes away from the city and it certainly represents a must when visiting the small village of Lota.

Los Ángeles is also a worth visiting Chilean destination. Year after year, it welcomes foreign tourists that wish to have a photograph taken next to the wonderful falls called Saltos del Laja, the river that crosses it, Antuco Volcano and within Nahuelbuta National Park, another jewel the city takes pride in.

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