From Los Reartes to La Cumbrecita

The road zigzags amidst forests on the hillsides, where different shades of green and crystal-clear waters abound. Visitors have the sensation of being traveling along European routes.
Calamuchita Valley is extensive and crossed by mountains and an intricate river basin that provides humidity and biodiversity of wildlife. The paved road that joins Los Reartes and La Cumbrecita gives origin to a sequence of towns with German influence that share a thousand different colors during the four seasons.

We set out on a 35-kilometer car ride to see the area and reach one of the most highly coveted settlements.

At Los Reartes roundabout, we took Provincial Route 109. The first settlement we saw was Athos Pampa, a hamlet devoted to agriculture and enjoying a peaceful atmosphere, silence and very few services.
  • An alpine valley of steep hills

    An alpine valley of steep hills

  • Calamuchita Valley

    Calamuchita Valley

  • An intricate river basin

    An intricate river basin

  • At the foot of the hill Champaquí

    At the foot of the hill Champaquí

  • An incomparable

    An incomparable

  • La Cumbrecita

    La Cumbrecita

A slow but steady access led us to Intiyaco, a village whose population and cabin resorts have increased as a result of the sandy swim hole on Los Reartes River and the chance to go hiking around its high vantage points.

We found Villa Berna at the foot of Mount Champaquí, where it was evident its denizens are fervent defenders of the environment. Big undulations set the course of Los Reartes and Del Medio Rivers and the hamlet seems to sprinkle the scene with its red roofs.

We were getting close to La Cumbrecita and its essential features began to appear. The forests got thicker and greener and the German tradition became stricter than in the rest of the area.

We parked our cars to comply with local regulations and started to walk its streets. We enjoyed a village privileged by nature and dressed in white in the winter.

All throughout the itinerary, we discovered small farms hidden amidst the hills in the rural area. Inside this matchless view, many sportsmen ride their bikes defying the wind and make mandatory stops to feel the perfume in the air at each kilometer marker

Mónica Pons / Pablo Etchevers


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