From Los Reartes To Villa General Belgrano

They both show their European traits in the architecture, cuisine and handmade chocolates.
Los Reartes and Villa General Belgrano share mountain range scenes typical of Calamuchita Valley, where they are located. Instead, the origin of these two populations is different and their lifestyle is determined by this fact. Traveling the few kilometers that stand between them is an opportunity to understand their essence.

While driving along Route S 495, we could appreciate how Los Reartes spans towards the countryside, where large farms still stand on green hills. We could see the red tile roof tops of some scattered houses in some of the undulations. The panoramic views showed us the mountains known as Sierras Grandes and De los Cóndores as well as Los Molinos Dam.

We were puzzled to see that both villages differ when it comes to their main features. Los Reartes still preserves its Criollo tradition, with houses made of adobe, an old chapel and a pulpería from the days of the colony. It used to stand on the Camino Real (King’s Highway) that led to Upper Peru.

This is the oldest town in the valley and its celebrations are based on profoundly Argentinian cultural roots. That is why it has come to be called Pueblo Patrio (Homeland Town). Criollo evenings, folklore dances and music bands playing tunes from the land set the mood for the festivals held at Los Reartes.
  • An attractive way

    An attractive way

  • Mountain landscapes

    Mountain landscapes

  • Large tracts of green hills

    Large tracts of green hills

  • Ojo de Agua

    Ojo de Agua

  • All are celebrated with beer

    All are celebrated with beer

  • Streams in the Villa

    Streams in the Villa

  • The few kilometers apart

    The few kilometers apart

On the other hand, festivities in “Villa” have German roots and everything is celebrated with beer and typical German and Swiss cuisine and dances. The point is that every since the first immigrants arrived, their customs became deeply rooted in this land that resembles their homeland so much.

As we traveled from one city to the other and after having chatted with some local denizens about their steady habits and traditions, we got to know these two picturesque mountain villages much better.

Mónica Pons / Pablo Etchevers


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