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A City to be Discovered

The City of La Rioja opens its doors to show its charm and memorable buildings, parks and churches.

Contemplative Tourism

A Garden Typically from La Rioja

On the slope of a mountain located in the El Paimán mountain range, there is a botanic garden that lodges more than 1,200 species of cactus.

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Fiesta de la Chaya Riojana

Un clásico de La Rioja que año a año se vuelve a repetir. Una tradición milenaria que lograr hermanar a la comunidad riojana junto a varios artistas locales y llegados de todo el país.

Contemplative Tourism

Visit to Talampaya National Park

This is one of the most important attractions in the region of Cuyo and in particular in the Province of La Rioja. An inestimable geological treasure that may be visited by car, bicycle or on foot.

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Visit to the Lost City at Talampaya National Park

At Talampaya National Park, maximum pride for the inhabitants of La Rioja, lies the Lost City. Touring around it is a journey back to the beginning of time.

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To the Southwest of La Rioja, we find a cornice road with impressive outcrops of an intense red. We visited <i>Cuesta de Miranda</i>.

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Before the Condor's Look

At the Quebrada de los Cóndores Natural Reserve, we approached the challenging flight of these majestic birds, letting ourselves be surprised by the harmony of the landscape and the politeness of the locals.

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Tour around the Laguna Brava Nature Reserve

At an altitude of over four thousand meters, the reserve of <i>vicuñas</i> and flamingoes baptized as <i>Laguna Brava</i> (Brave Pond) is an almost hidden paradise on the top of La Rioja’s mountain range.

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An Oasis in the Desert

Situated at the end of Los Sauces Ravine, it is surrounded by mounts that feature magnificent panoramic views with places suitable for camping and swimming resorts open in the summer...

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La Rioja coast

On the east side of the Velasco Mountain Range there lie ten quaint settlements that lure tourists to walk around them, learn about their history and feel the gentleness of their people.

Tourism in La Rioja

The Province of La Rioja features dreamed-of scenes in the Andes Mountain Range which turn out to be perfect for adventure travel and outdoor activities.


Paragliding over Famatina

Two hundred kilometers from the city of La Rioja, lies Famatina, one of the best places in the province to make the yearn for imitating the art of the birds come true.

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