The Forest Lake

Upon entering Paseo del Bosque, a strange feeling takes hold of us. For a second, it seems as if we were experiencing a movie that begins playing as soon as we get near the lake.

Even those who have not had the opportunity to travel to the old continent will feel the charm of the best postcard of London if they stand on the bank of this beautiful lake. It is necessary to be there so as to understand it. The little streets surrounding it and the neat cobble-stone roads invite tourists to go for a walk around the park and to wish that that moment would last forever. If it is the crack of dawn and it is foggy, there is no doubt: we are in London while still in La Plata.

The lake was opened in 1904. A group of patients from a neuropsychiatric hospital helped with its construction which made the local people baptize it "the lake of the crazy people".

Nonetheless, the park has turned into an ideal place to spend the afternoon with family and friends since its creation. With a mate in your hand, it is possible to enjoy the calmness given by the City of La Plata at siesta time.

The Heart of the Forest

This walk is the ideal option for lovers of life outdoors since it has its own pier to rent boats and pedal boats. Another option is to go around the place on foot or by bike.

  • Will feel the charm of the best postcard of London

    Will feel the charm of the best postcard of London

  • An ideal place

    An ideal place

  • From the superior cave there falls a cascade of water

    From the superior cave there falls a cascade of water

  • The Heart of the Forest

    The Heart of the Forest

Teenagers usually get together at the cave located at the end of the pond. All the turns and steps give perfect shape to the desired freedom of youth which lures hundreds of teenagers, particularly newly formed couples.

From the superior cave there falls a cascade of water that feeds the lake and certainly becomes one of the most preferred images among those visiting La Plata for the first time. For decades it has become one of the most significant icons of the city together with the cathedral and other reference sites.

The lake ends in a canal crossed by a Rococo style bridge. On its side, there lies Martín Fierro amphitheater, one of most popular during the summer because of the quality of the shows played under the moon and the stars.

Romeo and Juliet

A walk around the pergola turns out to be the best thing to do for those who are in love. Narrow streets decorated with marble branch out around it. The smell there changes as we change and so does everything around us.

The colorful boats hypnotize visitors and make it impossible not to sway to and fro with the rhythm of old oars that do not want to leave the water.

On the ground, along Iraola Avenue, from which the best view of the lake can be seen, the bell from the popcorn wagon can be confused with the squawking of wild geese living there.

The last rays of sunshine that are going to melt down in the calm small lake can be seen through the palm trees surrounding the body of water. Thus, the temperature of the environment goes down giving way to the darkness of the night. Some gas lamps begin to light up in the City of London... I mean, La Plata.

Autor Pablo Etchevers Fotografo Pablo Etchevers

Bear in mindBear in mind: It is highly suggested carrying a camera to remember this place forever. Binoculars are an excellent option for bird lovers since different species can be observed, even some migratory birds.


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