The Forest Promenad

Paseo del Bosque (the Forest Promenade) is a spell cast by nature in a city that never sleeps. Its long tree grove is the perfect invitation to dare write a handbook of good leisure.

At first, our eyes turn green as we attempt to find its geographical boundaries. We have heard much about it and today, finding ourselves in that very spot, we begin to understand many of its myths and legends.

The largest green venue in La Plata is nestled in the former location of the marshlands of estancia Martín Iraola. It was founded on June 5, 1882, four months before the city.

The design of the city resembles a checkerboard and most public buildings stand on its central axis. Two green lungs were located on both ends of that axis. Surrounded by 50, 54, 21 and 27 Streets, there lies San Martín Park. On the opposite margin, framed by 50, 60, 115 and 120 Streets, we can enjoy Paseo del Bosque.

  • An artificial lake where they may rent a boat

    An artificial lake where they may rent a boat

  • A spell cast by nature

    A spell cast by nature

  • The cave

    The cave

  • A train with eye-catching cars

    A train with eye-catching cars

  • Its long tree grove

    Its long tree grove

  • Framed by 50, 60, 115 and 120 Streets

    Framed by 50, 60, 115 and 120 Streets

The park occupies approximately 60 hectares and it contains various vegetal species. Some of them are poplars, oaks, ombúes, willows and eucalyptus. The hustle and bustle of La Plata falls silent there. They turn into bird chirping and children’s laughter.

A Wide Range of Possibilities

Those who enjoy outdoor life will find trails to go for long walks and an artificial lake where they may rent a boat. Besides, they may visit the cave located on one of the ends of the pool.

During the summer, the most popular alternative is the Martín Fierro amphitheater. The outdoor theater was inaugurated in 1949. It is surrounded by a pergola and the access gate features Roman style. It contains stalls for 2,600 spectators. Plays, dancing performances and concerts are presented there in the summer.

A brief stroll around the Garden of Peace will let visitors understand the brotherly look with which it was conceived. It was moved to the promenade in 1982, after the park of the former Teatro Argentino, where it used to work so far, was hit by a fire and later demolished.

The Route of Science

Among paid activities, the Natural Science Museum is a mandatory visit. Housing more than 20 rooms where permanent shows are displayed, visitors may be carried away along a road of learning and reflection about the principles ruling the performance of everything we know in an environment of absolute privacy.

The tour around the Zoo may be completed either on foot or on board a train with eye-catching cars. Hand in hand with specially trained guides, visitors may enjoy an amusing ride around the animal kingdom.

The end of the natural science road is the Astronomic Observatory. Founded in 1883, it presents a scientific disclosure program named Observatory Project.

It also offers didactic theme visits, telescope observations and lectures in charge of educators and researchers.

Autor Pablo Etchevers Fotografo Pablo Etchevers

Bear in mindBear in mind: Lovers of football will find an alternative inside the park. The Gimnasia y Esgrima y de Estudiantes de La Plata field. In the meantime, the Club Hípico (Riding Club) provides another variant for lovers of horses and horse riding to bear in mind.


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