Alice in Wonder Palace

Campodónico Palace makes us think of ribbons, satin skirts and living letters cheerfully running through the aisles; like Alice in Wonderland, where fantasies come true.

Palacio Campodónico is located in a triangular square between 5th Street, 56th Street and the diagonal 79th Avenue. It was built in 1892 by the genius Idalecio Coquel who designed it by choosing an Italian Renaissance style. The property was acquired before 1940 by Lázaro Campodónico and it was named after him.

In the mid 60’s the palace was used by the provincial government. Between 1976 and 1996, it housed the Registry Office and that is how it is remembered by most of the citizens of La Plata.

After being vacant for five years, the building was granted to the City Town Hall of La Plata. At that time, the goal was to use the main big house as a cultural center for the community of La Plata. It was opened during the 119th anniversary of the foundation of the city in the year 2001.

  • Built in 1892

    Built in 1892

  • Italian Renaissance style

    Italian Renaissance style

  • Architectural example

    Architectural example

  • Art gallery

    Art gallery

The façade of the palace is emphasized by the curves, points, cornices, balconies and railings. Those who walk around the City of La Plata will see a model of city planning that found its break-even point at the very moment it was planned. Considered an architectural example, the Palacio Campodónico is a faithful witness of every step taken by the City of La Plata.

Today, the palace serves as an art gallery and, at the same time, is home to the Dirección Municipal de Turismo (Municipal Tourist Office).

Invitation to Dream

The rooms are connected by a central hall. On the corner of 5th and 79th Streets, a system of walkways connects the upper and lower floors. From that corner, a tower rises and the rose gardens of the San Martin Square can be enjoyed. The sky above seems to be at hand and things come magically alive around us for a second.

At night, this giant building dreams a hero's dream. It has outlived itself and stood the test of time. It has reinvented itself thousands of times and it has been refurbished many times too. Legend has that in La Plata when the palace closes and visitors are gone, something strange goes on inside, as if the famous novel Alice in Wonderland came to life and hundreds of characters spent their time there before the coming of the new day. Just close your eyes and imagine a small girl surrounded by a wonderful world … all in Palacio Campodónico.

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Palacio Campodónico

Diagonal 79, calle 5 y 56 (1900) La Plata, Buenos Aires

Tel: +54 221-4229764

Bear in mindBear in mind: There is no doubt that it is one of the most beautiful and distinctive sites in the City of La Plata. Be sure to bring a camera with you.


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