Children’s Republic

If given the chance to travel in a time machine, the one place in the past I would go back to is República de los Niños. Anything is possible there: the dreams of children as well as of adults may come true.

For anyone visiting La Plata, the children’s city is one of the typical options that would last both in their memories and their hearts. The towers with the ever flowing small flags, the train stations named after Thumbling or Little Red Riding Hood and the carpentry take us back to story world, childhood and adventure.

República de los Niños is located in Gonnet, between camino General Belgrano and Street 501, only 10 minutes from the city center. Entertainment, history and fantasy combined together in a civic-citizen learning experience that dazzles many grown-ups while trying to show how the world of adults should be.

This city was inspired by the tales of Hans Christian Andersen and the Brothers Grimm. The project and construction had a mixture of Medieval, Islamic, and European styles and they were carried out by architects Gallo, Lima and Cuenca. They were the most outstanding architects at that time.

  • Dreams come true

    Dreams come true

  • A lake with a pier

    A lake with a pier

  • Mafalda


  • Medieval, Islamic, and European styles

    Medieval, Islamic, and European styles

Learning to Be an Adult

The first theme and entertaining park in Latin America was opened on November 26th 1951, after two years of hard work carried out by thousands of workers who lived within the same premises to end the construction in record time.

La República was founded with the aim of letting the children learn to exercise their rights and obligations as citizens of a democratic country in a creative and entertaining atmosphere. For that reason it has three areas: the urban, rural and sports areas.

The square called Plaza San Martín is the center of the urban area. Right opposite, there stands the Government House featuring Gothic windows, a roof with high towers and viewpoints. The Municipal Children’s Bank is also there. It is a replica of the Taj Mahal in Agra, India, and the International Museum of Dolls can be visited there.

Lastly, the design of a Norman-styled chapel can be seen with side galleries and bell towers, imitating the most beautiful and aristocratic chapels in the world.

The Children’s Voice

The first children’s radio in the country is on one side of the square. It is called Radio República, and, right next to it, there lies the Palace of Justice with its offices, courtroom and a small jail in the basement.

The Animal Farm can be visited in the rural area. The activities there are meant to teach everyone about the autochthonous flora and fauna. There is also a nursery, a circuit for traffic education, a lake with a pier and a Customs section.

The entertainment and sports area has basketball courts, swimming pool, play grounds, stadium, racketball courts and amphitheater, among other things which complete this magic world. No matter which path is taken, the age of the viewers is not important in the least.

According to an old myth, when Walt Disney visited the country he was surprised by República de los Niños and was inspired to build Disneyland in famous California. Believe it or not.

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Contact of the excursion or tour

República de Los Niños

Cno. Gral. Belgrano y 501 Gonnet (1900) La Plata, Buenos Aires

Tel: +54 221-4841409

Bear in mindBear in mind: República de los Niños has a micro cinema where the all-time classics and musicals like the Hunchback of Notre Dame or the Beauty and the Beast are played. There is also a puppet show and the most varied children’s agenda. All you have to do is get near the billboard to see what is on.


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