Holy Week at the Vía Christi

Location: Cerro de la Cruz,
Date: From 03/29/2018 - Thru 04/01/2018

The visit to Vía Christi Theme Park is part of the Holy Week itinerary and the appropriate setting to feel the presence of Jesus and renew Christian faith.

The City of Junín de los Andes is the center of religious tourism in Patagonia and every year the number of believers that visit this destination increases. At different times, the sanctuary that honors the Virgin of the Snow -known as Virgen de las Nieves- and beatified Laura Vicuña in San Ignacio, as well as the Vía Christi are two scenes of the diverse biblical episodes regarding the celebration of the Holy Week.

On Good Friday, a gathering at this mountain spot enables visitors to commemorate the times when Jesus Christ had his Last Supper before his Resurrection. The ecclesiastic authorities order the faithful to make their way along the 22 stations of the Vía Christi, which shows the life of Jesus from its start, through his years as a teacher and preacher, till his death in the cross.

Every station is located on a dry square where large sculptures made with clay represent biblical characters. Many of them show the typical traits of the Mapuche people. That is how faith intertwines the first nations with characters from contemporary life and how cultures as well as deep Cosmo visions that are really different are merged.

  • The appropriate setting

    The appropriate setting

  • Commemorate the times

    Commemorate the times

  • Large sculptures

    Large sculptures

  • The sacred art

    The sacred art

  • A regional look

    A regional look

  • The Mount of the Cross

    The Mount of the Cross

During the pilgrimage, the human group goes across the natural scene provided by the Mount of the Cross. Some walk in silence, others sing softly and pray while their feet step on the stone paths.

A moment of unique meditation, spirituality and introspection is aided by the surroundings, the sacred art and a regional look that makes this religious park stand out amidst other Holy Week celebrations.

Autor Mónica Pons Fotografo Eduardo Epifanio

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