Fishing Season Opening in Patagonia

Location: Junín de los Andes, Costanera, Av. los Pescadores José Julián y Olavarría
Date: When11/01/2017

Every year, the moment the fishing season begins in Patagonia is ideal to have a reunion with friends. The festival starts in the lakes to spread up to rivers and creeks.

Junín de los Andes is one of those cities that anglers use as a base to find the best fly-fishing spots to catch trout in the world.

Besides the Collón Cura, Malleo, Aluminé and the famous Chimehuín Rivers, the first attraction visitors to Junín de los Andes observe is the Fly-fisherman's Monument, a sculptural silhouette that shows a real fly-caster and a large rainbow trophy.

Junín de los Andes is a special site for fly-fishing and enthusiasts of trout and salmonidae fishing. A mecca of fly-casting ever since the early years, when the trout coming from Europe and the United States were planted in Argentina, thousands of anglers reach this city and the mouth of Lake Huechulafquen (also the source of the Chimehuín River) in search of its trout.

  • Chimehuin mouth

    Chimehuin mouth

  • Mecca of fly-casting

    Mecca of fly-casting

  • Ideal to have a reunion with friends

    Ideal to have a reunion with friends

  • Alone with the challenge

    Alone with the challenge

History goes that famed Bebe Anchorena and Jorge Donovan (well-known fly-fishermen), Chimehuín Inn -which still welcomes guests- and the huge trout in this river are some of the indelible traits of this small town in Neuquén.

An opening float trip is organized every year on the Chimehuín River by fishing guides to symbolically cut the ribbon that crosses from side to side. Thus, the continental fishing season is declared open in Argentinian Patagonia.

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