Photo Gallery in Junín de los Andes

The best animals in the province of Neuquén Rural Expo Gaucho scene Camp Tender's Festival Brand-new hot spring facilities Huilliches Traditionalist Center Lanín Volcano and Malleo River A world or volcanic sand Via Christi, moments of the life of Jesus Christ Lanín Volcano An emotional picture Little Camp Tender's Festival Native faces Market at the Camp Tender's Festival Flock of Andean geese Pastoral scene Field People, Rural Neuquén, Junín de los Andes New hospital Standard bearer at the National Camp Tender's Festival Ready for the challenge Waiting for their turn, special riding Escorial and Lanín Volcano View of Argentina Avenue Female skill Countryside detail Chimehuín River, access for anglers Tapestry made by Mapuche weavers Rural exhibition Children's rights Eyes in the distance Fly-fishing in the Chimehuin River Place for prayer, Parque Via Christi The Malleo River Time for the kids Jesus comes across Mary Magdalene Fly-fishing in the Chimehuin River Inside Our Lady of the Snow Church On the way to Carirriñe Pass Traditional restaurant Neuquén Rural Society Fly-tying passion Parade in town Future employers Junín de los Andes Square Tea and cake at Lahuen có Hot Springs Neuquén Rural Expo in Junin de los Andes Authentic colt boots Gaucho standard bearer Jesus gives up his spirit Equestrian show A small paradise

Photo credits: Eduardo Epifanio (142) Jorge González (4) Santiago Gaudio (6) RFC - (42) Pablo Etchevers (1)

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