Chimehuin, An Ideal Environment for Rafting

RIBs and paddles prance on the river surface and fight the current at the same time they sort out big and small rocks during a highly amusing activity.

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Fishing Season Opening in Patagonia

Here is a classic: the Chimehuín River near the City of Junín de los Andes dresses up for the occasion and declares the Patagonian continental fishing season formally open...

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Holy Week at the <i>Vía Christi</i>

The visit to Vía Christi Theme Park is part of the Holy Week itinerary and the appropriate setting to feel the presence of Jesus and renew Christian faith.

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Parque Nacional Lanín

Con 412.000 hectáreas situadas al noroeste de la provincia de Neuquén, el Parque Nacional Lanín protege los bosques andino-patagónicos desde el año 1937.

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Pesca en el Chimehuin

La provincia de Neuquén cuenta con ríos que generan una pesca deportiva tan interesante de salmónidos y truchas que ha logrado reputación mundial.

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Campers Festival

Every year, rural men renovate their traditionalist spirit with a festival that highlights the life policy of the <i>gaucho</i> and its well-rooted customs.

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First Nations’ New Year Celebration

The sun becomes the big protagonist every year on June 24, when the first nations both from Chile and Argentina celebrate the beginning of a new year.

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Getaway to Chile through Mamuil Malal

Crossing Mamuil Malal International Pass towards Chile gives more than a sample of the best scenes of the Andean Patagonian forest.

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Ascent to the Lanín Volcano

Those who dream of hitting the summit of the tallest mountain peak in the region must train hard and find experienced mountain guides to lead them.

Religious Tourism

Our Lady of the Snow

As we entered the temple, we had a very particular impression as it conjugates Christian faith, the <i>Mapuche</i> beliefs and worship is paid to a 13-year-old blessed girl.


From General Store to Don Moisés Museum

At one corner of the traditional city, a house commemorates the old general store once hosted by <i>don</i> Moisés Roca Jalil and his family.

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Historical Tour around Junín de los Andes

The city is located in the southwest of the Province of Neuquén, by the Chimehuín River. Visiting it implies getting to know different places of social and cultural interest.

Tourism in Neuquén

The tourist attractions boasted by the Province of Neuquén throughout its territory are multiple and each region has a particular feature.

Contemplative Tourism

Tour around Lakes Huechulafquen and Epulafquen

This lake tour that may be enjoyed at all seasons sets sail across the lakes up to a river of solidified lava. The view of the Andean Patagonian forest with the silhouette of the Lanín Volcano...

Religious Tourism

Religiosity in the Mountain

The vía Christi is a singular theme park in the open air displaying the life of Jesus and inviting reflection.

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Volcanic Sand in the Curruhué

Inside the territory of vast Lanín National Park, Lake Curruhué corridor promises fresh air and a wide array of scenes, with beaches of dark volcanic sand.

Hotels and accommodations in Junín de los Andes

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