Hasenkamp Carnival

Location Location : Corsódromo, (ex Estación Ferrocarril) Date From : 01/27/2018 Thru : 02/24/2018

Every year in January and February, one of the most important carnivals in Entre Ríos takes place at the small District of Hasenkamp.
Hasenkamp is a small city in Entre Ríos. It lies close to Paraná and is famous for its carnival, celebrated not only by local denizens but also by visitors from nearby districts, particularly after 2009, when its Corsódromo was inaugurated.

This venue has a main street along which the comparsas parade, as well as stalls that run parallel to this street and can seat over 3,000 spectators. They may watch the beauty of this carnival from a close distance and be delighted by its paraders, dancers, floats and escolas de samba.

Among these, though there are always guests from neighboring carnivals, Malibú and Marumbá are two classics in Hasenkamp. They both feature imposing floats and dancers dressed especially for the occasion with fabulous costumes, sequins, feathers and everything that adds color to the longest-awaited event in the district.
  • With fabulous costumes

    With fabulous costumes

  • Sequins, feathers and everything that adds color

    Sequins, feathers and everything that adds color

  • Hasenkamp has become a synonym for Carnival

    Hasenkamp has become a synonym for Carnival

  • Imposing and beautiful floats

    Imposing and beautiful floats

One of the characteristics of the Carnival at Hasenkamp is that, unlike other carnivals where the audience are mere spectators, the comparsas here offer the chance to put on a costume and parade with them in the Corsódromo, as if visitors were paraders too.

For all these reasons, Hasenkamp has become a synonym for Carnival and will continue to be so every time December ends and the hot months of January and February arrive.

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