Provincial Route 2, A Car Tour

Provincial Route 2 is perfect and traveling it is enjoying a scene of rainforest, lakes and rivers. The matchless Uruguay River is the great protagonist. It becomes second to none, just as all the stops suggested by this route, which can even dazzle us without any need to get out of the car.
At the far-famed Moconá Falls, not only does the Uruguay River fall upon itself sideways, but it also becomes so narrow that it looks as if it could be crossed in a few strokes. Nevertheless, its depth reaches 150 meters and its current is such that it starts a long journey to gain width and lose depth until it empties into the Río de la Plata.

Provincial Route 2 accompanies this endless journey within the territory of Misiones. Though it is not as winding as the river itself, it provides the chance to enjoy incredible scenes in which rainforest views, sandy shores and beaches, deep reed beds and panoramic points of unbelievable beauty may be observed.

We took this route near the District of Apóstoles and went around the Province of Misiones through it. We were driving upstream. We began to understand this fact when the giant mass of water suddenly let us see some of its nooks and its somewhat muddy waters.
  • Incredible scenes

    Incredible scenes

  • A scene of rainforest, lakes and rivers

    A scene of rainforest, lakes and rivers

  • The stops suggested by this route

    The stops suggested by this route

  • Viewpoint


  • There is a lot to see, photograph

    There is a lot to see, photograph

  • An ideal road indeed

    An ideal road indeed

  • Floor missionary

    Floor missionary

As we drove on, the river began to look different. It presented a lower volume, clearer waters and it was lined by a thick rainforest that seemed to cover it with intensely green vegetation.

After getting past the District of San Javier –also within the territory of Misiones-, the road becomes straight and undulated. We drove up and down its soft slopes.

The refurbishing works made on it and the construction of new stretches of this route were carried out considering future visitors, as the idea continues to be turning this road into a tourist attraction itself, even before it reaches its end: the District of El Soberbio and the Moconá Waterfalls.

It is a wonderful ride to share with the family, as it goes into the rainforest and makes it possible for travelers to spot some endangered species and a matchless diversity of plants and trees.

There is a lot to see, photograph and capture on video. As well, there is the chance to stop at some of its panoramic points, all of them inviting us to appreciate sounds, both during the day and at night. An ideal road indeed.

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