Crossing to Brazil in 5 Minutes

This is a simple ride indeed. Travelers must carry out Customs proceedings, sit down and feel how a raft crosses them and their cars onto the other side of the river in a matter of minutes. However, once they land, they find themselves in Brazil, which is no small thing.

Questions are easy: “Where is the pass to Brazil? Where is the Customs Office? How shall we cross to the other side?” The man who replied lifted one finger and pointed at the Argentinian Customs Office.

Before doing all migratory proceedings, two beautiful and very nice ladies told us that crossing cost only a few coins. So we bought our tickets and became part of this singular adventure which, believe it or not, would let us experience different aromas, customs and idiosyncrasies on the opposite margin.

That is the nice thing about international borders: the chance to find another self on the other side, so different and so alike at the same time.

  • A bilateral landscape

    A bilateral landscape

  • International pass

    International pass

  • Crossing cost only a few coins

    Crossing cost only a few coins

  • This singular adventure

    This singular adventure

  • Only cross a river

    Only cross a river

  • Uruguay river

    Uruguay river

Across the river, a tiny district called Porto Soberbo is the access to Brazil. Roads open up towards the Districts of Tres Pasos, Teniente Portela, Itapiranga as well as to Turvo Park, which displays a view of the Moconá Falls from the Brazilian side.

The raft that crosses from one side to the other takes barely 5 minutes to cover the total distance. This is a perfect ride to do something unusual and get to Brazil at the same time.

While in Brazil, visitors may buy trinkets and other products made by familiar brands, acquire the Brazilian national team jersey or enjoy a glass of beer (cerveja) while listening to some conversation in Portuguese or the radio playing the traditional music of this region of the country.

Anything goes in order to do something different. Once back in Argentina, tourists may enjoy El Soberbio, a small city where everything is possible, even what was unthinkable five minutes before.

Autor Pablo Etchevers Fotografo Pablo Etchevers

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