Things to do in El Soberbio / Saltos del Moconá

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Aromas of the Rainforest

Small-scale farmers plant their plots with aromatic species, just like they used to plant <i>yerba</i>, tobacco, <i>peteribí</i> and <i>lapacho</i> in the past.

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Famous Bugre Rock

It is inevitable to come across it while going on a tour to the Moconá Falls. Bugre Rock shelters part of the history of the <i>Guaraní</i> people and other native tribes.

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Little Great Rural City

This district is the access gate to <i>Saltos del Moconá</i> and it offers its quiet streets and its friendly denizens always willing to help visitors around.

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Navigation at the Moconá Falls

This is the tour everyone who comes to the City of El Soberbio wishes to take. It leads to Moconá Provincial Park first, where a RIB carries passengers up to the falls.

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Provincial Route 2, A Car Tour

Provincial Route 2 is perfect. Going along it means enjoying a matchless scene in which water and rainforest are mingled. It starts, or ends, at <i>Saltos del Moconá</i> and it treasures incredible panoramic sights...

Contemplative Tourism

The River that Swallows Everything: The Mocona Falls

Imagining that the course of a river falls sideways sounds illogical, as if it was a description in a science fiction story. But such a place exists and it is called <i>Saltos del Moconá</i>.

Tourism in Misiones

Misiones Province continues to conquer thousands of travelers who come along every year to enjoy its natural tourist attractions, and its many cultural and historical destinations...

Contemplative Tourism

Crossing to Brazil in 5 Minutes

This is a simple ride indeed. Travelers must carry out Customs proceedings, sit down and feel how a raft crosses them and their cars onto the other side of the river in a matter of minutes...

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