Mount Piltriquitrón

For some people, Mount Piltriquitrón is a center of energy. Others just enjoy its woods without searching for any further explanation. The truth is that the “Piltri” encloses an enigmatic charm.

At El Bolsón, wherever you decide to go, the Piltriquitrón is always the reference point. Its name is very hard for visitors to pronounce. In the Mapuche tongue, it means “hanging from the clouds” and in fact that is the appearance it has on rainy or cloudy days.

Those interested in its magnetism and radiesthesia will learn that the “Piltri” gives off a special energy that improves mood. Whether true or not, this mount has a unique charm that spreads all over the valley.
To go on a tour around it, visitors must travel a few kilometers away from the city center and take a rubble road that goes up the hillside up to the mount platform, standing at 1,200 m.a.s.l. At this point, they can find a trail that heads for the Carved Forest and another shorter trail leading to the paragliding launching base. They can already catch spectacular views from this point, but the best panoramic sights are farther up.

The entire slope is covered by typical leafy vegetation, mainly forests of cypresses and coihues along with black hawthorns and other bushes invading all the nooks. In the fall, ocher, golden and orange shades dress up the mountain creating a wonderful landscape.

  • An enigmatic charm

    An enigmatic charm

  • A center of magnetic energy

    A center of magnetic energy

  • The entire slope is covered by typical leafy vegetation

    The entire slope is covered by typical leafy vegetation

  • A fascinating landscape where eyes may get lost.

    A fascinating landscape where eyes may get lost.

A light hiking tour leads visitors to the refuge. After an hour spent in the forest, the trail ends at an unbelievable vantage point where they may catch their breath. Visitors are amazed at the view of the Andes Mountain Range and its most important peaks, such as Mount Tronador, Mount Tres Picos, the beautiful valley of the Azul River and, if the visibility is good, even the Osorno Volcano in the Chilean territory.

Behind the refuge, another trail leads to the summit. This trekking tour is quite interesting, though a little more demanding. It crosses a lenga forest and goes up a creek whose source is at the top. It is important to follow the red marks on the rocks because they show the easier way up. When the weather conditions are not good, visitors should return to the refuge as the clouds usually go down and all reference points are lost.
After the effort, reaching the top of Mount Piltriquitrón at 2,260 meters of height is a conquest with a reward: a fascinating landscape where eyes may get lost.

Autor Karina Jozami Fotografo Jorge González

How to get hereHow to get here: The mount stands 11 km from the city center. Follow National Route 258 and take a detour to the left. It is duly signposted and leads to the base of the mountain.


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