Downtown El Bolsón

Developed as an environment protected by its denizens, El Bolsón is full of urban projects specially designed to go back to a simple and primitive lifestyle.

Mount Piltriquitrón and the Quemquentre River provide shelter to the City of El Bolsón and represent two classic attractions. The urban area is worth a slow and careful tour to find the best known and most popular sights.

We reached the district at the same time the Regional Handicrafts Fair was at its zenith at Pagano Square. We went around it, browsing its stands teeming with handicrafts made with wood, wool or leather, as well as dry leaves, candles and the like. The hustle and bustle and the colorful scene make everyone want to stay.

Besides unique objects, elements produced in the area, such as fine fruit, jam, liqueur and craft beer are for sale. In turn, jugglers, dancers and musicians ornamented the scene with their art. The craftsmen cooperative has its own store at 1800, San Martín Avenue.

We resolved to pay a visit to the local tourist information office, located on the corner of San Martín and Roca Street, where we heard about a free pedestrian guided tour. We decided to join it. It was a very pleasant way to learn details about the idiosyncrasy of this southern city, its history and its anecdotes. We got up to the road to Los Nogales, where the town started.

  • A neat and tidy city

    A neat and tidy city

  • Handcrafted pieces

    Handcrafted pieces

  • Parish of Our Lady of Luján

    Parish of Our Lady of Luján

  • Typical of the region

    Typical of the region

The cultural life is intense year round. We saw posters inviting everyone to see music shows, plays and varieté at the room for multiple uses, the pub and the theater.

El Bolsón is the seat for several annual festivals in which the city gets crowded with tourists who enjoy memorable moments. Late in February, when the fruit is ripe and ready to be used to brew craft beer, the Hop Festival is held. In turn, the Oktoberfest pays tribute to that spirit drink highly appreciated by locals and visitors alike.

But those celebrations are not the only ones. There is also chicha, asado, the town anniversary and jazz music. They are the objects of celebration both during the day and at night throughout the year. Likewise, local producers take part in the festivities held in neighboring populations to praise fine fruit and handicrafts.

El Bolsón is faithful to the spirit that caused it to be declared ecological district. That why its dwellers take pains in working the land, hold a natural lifestyle and care for the spirit.

Autor Mónica Pons Fotografo Jorge González


Things to do in El Bolsón

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